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Teacher Abused Their Authority And Gave Them A Bad Grade For No Reason, So They Made Sure That Everybody Knew How Unethical She Had Been

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash/@nci

It pays to know people…

Especially when you’re a kid and you get stuck with a bad grade for no good reason!

Take a look at this story from Reddit, we think you’ll be impressed by how this kid took action against his teacher.

You don’t like my thesaurus? You’ll have time off to learn it by heart.

“When I was 11 or 12, we had a new teacher of my native language.

I was always a straight-A student, but she didn’t like me from the first sight for some reason. Always lowering my grade, always complaining that “it would be an A for someone else, but it’s B- for you”.

We had a dictation with “political campaign” in it. In my language “campaign” and “company” sound exactly the same, but spell differently.


I got my assignment back with a B- and “campaign” underlined in red, “company” written underneath.

At first I thought she was just tired and confused, and very politely asked why my perfectly correct answer wasn’t accepted, appealing to a thesaurus. She shouted that I’m insufferable and should know my place and not assume I know my language better than language professor.

I called my mom.

After that things went in two directions.

I went to my favorite language teacher and showed my assignment to her. She started for that other teacher’s office fuming.

At the same time my mom called vice principal and then principal.

Mom was a sneaky one…

I can imagine how my mom can be, she starts to speak very calmly and slowly, lowering her voice, like a sleepy snake who doesn’t mind to snack on you.

She never shared, but I guess they felt that they are about to be swallowed whole.

So my lovely teacher tears that weird teacher a new one, and my mom takes care of higher officials, no doubt mentioning state officials.


She caught me in the hallway and berated me for going over her head and not trying harder to resolve it with her directly (what?), and I can see vice principal coming at us with a very angry expression, calling her to her office.

It was the last day anyone saw that teacher in our school. I even got an apology from school and my grade was fixed.

Don’t ever mess with my mom! I’m much older now, and still not half that scary.”

Here’s how folks reacted on Reddit.

This person didn’t hold back.

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This person has been there before…

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And this person didn’t hold back.

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Why do people like this go into teaching?

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