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Teenager’s Dad And Stepmom Want Him To Go On Vacation With Their Family, But He Said No Because His Dad Abandoned Him

by Matthew Gilligan

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Going on vacation with people you’re not exactly jazzed about is THE WORST.

And the young man who wrote this story on Reddit isn’t having it!

Is he acting like a jerk?

Let’s see what he had to say…

AITA for refusing to tell my dad’s other kids I won’t be going on vacation with them?

“I’m (16m) being raised by my maternal grandparents.

After my mom passed away my dad decided he needed to get away and left me with them. We had all lived with my grandparents before that so it wasn’t a huge change but I missed my dad. I was only 5 when it all went down.

He was in for a surprise.

Three years later he came back and he was engaged and he wanted me to be a family with him and “Sandy”. He and my grandparents fought in court over me because my grandparents were my legal guardians.

Reunification therapy was ordered for the two of us and the courts let him see me for one weekend a month at the start.

The reunification therapy didn’t go the way it was meant to (with me wanting to live with him and feeling comfortable living with him again) and so it was decided my grandparents would keep custody of me and he would get every other weekend visitation.

He was also allowed one week of vacation every summer until I turned 16 (so this will be the first summer it’s not a legal obligation).

He doesn’t want any part of this.

My dad and Sandy have kids together and my dad has tried to get me to want them. Not just Sandy or his other kids but him. He knows I don’t want to be part of his family. He knows I see going to his house as a chore. And I know he tries but I’m not interested.

I never hid that from him either. But my dad and Sandy took it for granted that I’d be going on vacation with them this year and it’s not happening.

Once I told them it was like this huge deal and my dad and Sandy freaked because they told their kids I’d be going and the last weekend I was there the kids were telling me they wanted us to go on this water slide together.

Sandy told me I could go for the sake of the kids and I asked her why I’d do that. So then she was like, you should be the one to tell them since it’ll make them sad. I told her they were the ones who assumed and didn’t ask so I wasn’t going to do their parenting for them.

These people are relentless!

Dad asked me to reconsider. He told me he feels like he’s losing me and these next two years will be big for our relationship in the future. I told him he lost me 11 years ago.

Sandy and dad are now both ****** off at me for not telling the kids myself. They told me I should grow up and take accountability and protect my innocent siblings.


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Sorry, folks…it ain’t happening!

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