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Teenager’s Parents Said He’s Responsible For His Troubled Younger Brother, But He’s Not Going To Be Held Responsible For His Behavior

by Matthew Gilligan

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There’s only so much you can do for another person…

Yes, it’s hard to watch people screw up their lives, but when is the point that you stop trying to fix someone?

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AITA for refusing to look out for my brother and keep him out of trouble?

“My parents have five kids. I’m (17m) the oldest and my brother (15m) is closest in age to me and we have three little sisters.

But my brother has always been the golden child with my parents. He can’t do anything wrong in their eyes and they act like he’s a literal angel. The brother my parents see is so different to who everyone else sees though.

This kid sounds like TROUBLE.

He’s a bully, he’s misogynistic and homophobic. He’s a jerk to adults and kids. All four of our grandparents refuse to be anywhere near him because of how he’s treated them. He stole from our mom’s parents 4 years ago.

They babysat for my parents while they worked during the whole Covid thing and during that time he took my grandpa’s credit card and spent $500 on video games in 10 minutes.

What a creep!

When my grandma told him to stop he called her a ***** and a **** and said he didn’t need to listen. That ****** my grandpa off more than I have ever seen him ****** off before. My brother told him to drop **** in response to grandpa.

Our neighbors also don’t like us because of what my brother gets away with. Pretty sure they wish they could make us leave. My sisters can’t even play with kids in the neighborhood anymore.

My brother’s been suspended from school three times, starting in the third grade. He was kicked from zoom classes for the stuff he was saying to his teacher and the other kids. Then he was suspended last year for bullying a kid.

His parents aren’t getting the message.

My parents won’t hear anyone out about my brother and he’s such a jerk to our sisters that I need to step in and shield them from the worst of it. Almost every day he makes homophobic comments to me and he even tried to find out who my boyfriend is so he could harass him.

Now my parents are a little concerned about some of his friends and what they’re doing and he ****** off the wrong kid by bullying his brother so he’s in a lot of trouble.

He’s not taking on this responsibility.

My parents told me it’s my job as his older brother to look out from him and keep him out of trouble. I told them it’s not my job. I have enough shielding my sisters from what a jerk he is to them.

My parents said I shouldn’t favor my sisters. I said they favor my brother over everyone else and we all know it. They denied it and said we were being too sensitive and keeping count too much.

I told them he’s trouble because of them and they made him the monster that he is and I’m not helping him with anything ever.

My parents called me jealous and a brat in response.


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