June 12, 2024 at 11:46 am

Cheap Boss Wouldn’t Replace The Light Bulbs In The Office, But After Some Hilarious Harassment He Saw The Error Of His Ways

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash

How cheap can you get?!?!

We’ll never get a definitive answer to that question, but you better believe that the guy you’re going to read about has to be high on the list…

Take a look at how this worker dealt with this cheapskate.

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Boss won’t replace lightbulbs.

“Many moons ago I worked for someone selling books online.

He bought high end computers, but was notoriously cheap in other areas.

Sounds kind of dangerous…

For instance all the fire extinguishers were out of date and we had two portable heaters for the whole building (no central heating).

One day he stopped replacing the lightbulbs.

This included the “book room”, which has one small blacked out window. One by one the lights went until I literally couldn’t see any more.

Oh, boy…

His solution was to buy me a wind up torch.

Well this torch was loud and annoying when wound up.

Every time he came into work and I needed to go into that room I would spend a few minutes winding up that torch.

Sorry, can’t help it!

He tried to ask me to stop, but I’d point out that all he had to do was buy some lightbulbs.

Eventually he gave in, but not before I annoyed the heck out of him every time he set foot in the office, because I’d always find myself a task that meant I needed to go in there.”

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Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

Man, talk about a real cheapskate…

This guy takes it to a whole new level!

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