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Their Dad Dumped A Load Of Firewood In The Driveway And Told Them To Put It Away, So They Taught Him A Lesson By Blocking The Back Door

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash/@alanrodriguez

Get to work, kid…

Those dreaded words never lost their impact when I was a youngster and I still have some memories of long days stuck in the yard being barked at by my dad.

Good times!

Well, what I should’ve done was taken a page out of this kid’s book!

Check out how they showed their dad who was the boss!

Have to stack firewood before I can go see my friends? You got it.

“Many years ago when I was a teenager I made plans with my friends to go out for a night. We planned this several days in advance and I’d told my parents what we were going to do.

What the hell is this?!?!

However the day of, my dad came home from work for lunch and dumped a trailer load of pre-cut firewood in the driveway and told me I needed to stack it all.

I reminded him that I was getting picked up in a few hours and would be gone the rest of the day/night, he told me “You’re not leaving until all that wood is stacked nicely and out of the driveway!”

‘Nicely and out of the driveway’ eh? Okay.

Oh, this was gonna be good!

He left after that and I began my work. I grabbed the key for the front door to the house first and then started stacking the wood… in front of the back door. (Our front door isn’t used very much to the point that my parents don’t even have keys to it on their everyday keychain, so I was blocking the back door)

I stacked it up to my chest and wide enough that it couldn’t be squeezed past to get to the door. Then I went in through the front door, grabbed my stuff for me and my friends waited for them and had a fun night. Came back the next morning to find half the wood pile re-stacked on the other side of the pile.

I was fully expecting to get my *** chewed out but when I got inside I saw my mum who chuckled and recounted what happened.

They got the rundown.

Basically my mum and dad both got home at the same time and saw what I’d done, she was laughing, my dad was fuming.

He told her what he’d told me to do and she ripped into him for dumping the wood on me a few hours before he knew I would be leaving with friends (she was also mad because I’d done the right thing by her for telling them about what we were doing/where we were going and him doing that to me might discourage me from telling them in future).

He had to re-stack half the woodpile to get to the door and thankfully wasn’t upset about it the next day.”

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Well, that’s one way to do it!

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