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Their Neighbor Kept Leaving Their Kids For Them To Supervise, But Then They Lost It And Threatened To Call the Cops

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit

I’m gonna say right off the bat that this DOES NOT sound like a good situation

Not at all!

And this person wasn’t having it anymore…but did they go too far?

Read on and see what you think.

AITA for telling my neighbor that being a mother isn’t the hardest job in the world?

“My neighbor sees me play with my goddaughter frequently in my yard.

My best friend is now going through a divorce, which leads to me and him taking turns with her while the other is working if daycare isn’t open. This has lead to my neighbor coming over for play dates. I don’t invite her, she just shows up when she sees me playing. Will this is all and good.

There’s a problem…

But she doesn’t watch her kids. She constantly complains about her husband and occasionally leaves her children without asking. It has made me not want to play in my own yard. I’ve talked to her several times and she didn’t seem to understand that occasionally I didn’t mind, but daily was too much.

Well yesterday it came to a head. She walks over when I’m playing with my goddaughter and she walks over and ask what I’m doing for my birthday. I discuss it for a second before my goddaughter ask for a drink.

So I excuse myself and take her to get a drink. I hear my neighbor knock on the door, so I say “one minute.” Then I see her 8 year old carrying her toddler towards me.

This was pushy!

I ask where her mother is and she says, “mom said she would be right back.” Well if you read my last post you know why I would be sensitive too this. I instantly go to the back yard.

She is nowhere to be found. So I call her husband and tell him if she’s not back in 5 mins, I’m calling the police. This is where i might be the *******.

She comes back and starts complaining that being a mother is the hardest job in the world. I cut it off instantly and say that it’s not and even if it is I never agreed to be one. She called me an ******* and left.


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Watch your kids, lady!

They’re your responsibility!

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