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Neighbors Were Awful And Loud Ever Since They Moved In, So They Decided to Leave Them A Fishy Present When They Moved Out

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit

Who’s ready to get grossed out?!?!

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And I’m here to supply you with a funny story from Reddit about some bad neighbors who got what was coming to them.

Check out what happened!

Well that STINKS !!!!

“I owned a condo and lived on the top floor, I had neighbors that were VERY loud.

They had two kids and they let them bang on the adjoining walls, all day long sometimes.

This sounds AWFUL.

They also let the kids leave tons of toys on our front steps.

You would think complaints to the HOA would work but nope, he was treasure of the HOA. But I did complain anyway with no response , soon after the complaint they started slamming their front door when they went out.

I’ll back up here and say I worked 12 hr shifts from 8pm till 8 am . So I was a day sleeper. Well sometimes they slammed the door so hard I would have pictures of mine fall off the wall.

It was time to get the hell out of there.

I confronted HIM a few times and his answer was well he will let his wife know and ask her to keep the kids calmed down on the days I worked…. VERY long story short after living this way for three years I decided to sell.

We were NOT allowed to sublet.

For whatever reason my unit had access to the attic from inside one of my bedroom closets.

Well my unit sold I lost money because of down market but I just wanted to get out.

And now the fun begins…

The day before closing I went fishing. I did good, got my limit of trout and also snagged 2 or 3 creek suckers all about 12″.

I gutted the trout kept the guts and along with the suckers you guessed it. I went into the attic. I waited till they went out , yea the slamming of the door was the clue.

I placed a fish near one of the electrical junction boxes that was above their bedroom then above the bathroom /kitchen wall I found it open for the mechanicals , vent line ect so I dropped the rest of the guts and fish down in.

They dropped about 8 feet down to floor level between the kitchen and bathroom.

I wish I knew how it ended.”

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