June 17, 2024 at 5:22 pm

Their Rude Neighbor Throws A Bucket At Him For Swinging In A Noisy Chair, So He Got Revenge And Started Playing His Drums As Loudly As He Could

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash/@neonbrand

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

It pays to be a good neighbor!

Less hassle, less headaches, less stress!

And you’re about to see what happens when people ARE NOT good neighbors…

Take a look at what went down!

My neighbor gets what she deserves.

“During the pandemic I found peace by sitting in my garden watching YouTube videos and scrolling Reddit. I always sit on my swing chair.

It’s a little bit noisy…

A swing chair is a chair mixed with a swing so you sit and swing without annoying chains or having to go out.

My swing chair has been through a lot, so much so to the point where if you sit on it, it squeaks a bit. I like the squeaks though, so I keep using it.

My neighbor doesn’t like my family. Ever since my mum, my brother and I moved in to my now step-dad’s house. She especially doesn’t like me for some reason.

One day my parents got the say off from work so we were all home. I was out on the swing chair listening to music using headphones.

What was that?!?!

All of a sudden a bucket gets thrown over the fence and almost hit me. I jumped and took off my headphones.

I asked “Who did that?”

My neighbor responded with “Stop swinging on your chair. You’re distracting my children and making them jealous. Either stop, or give it to me!”

I asked “How am I distracting them?” She replied with ” The sound makes them look through the hole they made in the fence.” I said that I’ll stop.

Wait for it…

Here is the malicious compliance.

I stopped going on my swing chair and instead picked up an old hobby of mine, drumming. I played it so much that my family would sometimes have to speak louder to talk to me.

This is where it gets weird though. She then phoned my personal phone that I have never given the number to anyone except my close friends.

Apparently she had gone to my mum’s Facebook, searched for a pic of me and my friends, found my best friend’s number by some means and posed as my aunt asking for my number so she could check up on me. She called me yelling at me to stop drumming.

These two are definitely not on the same page.

I said why and she said because of the noise. I said that she said that I had to stop swinging so I took up a hobby. She hung up. I now go on my swing chair, and play drums with my brother on his guitar.

Revenge is best served cold.”

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