June 23, 2024 at 5:36 pm

Their Two Neighbors Are Getting Into The Pettiest War Possible, So They Sit Back And Watch It All Unfold In Hilarious Fashion

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit

Ahhhh, isn’t it nice to sit back, crack open a cold one, and watch OTHER PEOPLE go after each other with a vengeance?

You bet is it!

And this person has a front-row seat to the show in their neighborhood.

Check out what they’ve been seeing!

Watching the petty war between my neighbors.

“I live in a decent neighborhood, lots of lakes, mature trees, good sized lots. Even without an HOA, people maintain their property to reasonable standards.

Then there are those for whom reasonable is not good enough. Any deviation is a problem.

Meet neighbor 1 who bought a foreclosure house and did $$$ of reno and landscaping His yard is immaculate. He lives next to neighbor 2 who is less stringent but fine.

Here we go…

1 had a hissy fit when he found out that 2 was the “decoration” house (it’s spectacular). Halloween and Christmas draw crowds with people coming into 1s yard to get selfies.

Petty war begins with a comical amount of “no trespassing” and “please don’t park on the grass” signs on the swale.

The next Christmas 2’s inflatables are slashed in the middle of the night by a group (kids) people in hoodies. 2 blames 1 for “arranging the hit” on Santa and his friends.


1 gets a couple of little dogs. 2 accuses him of purposely having them poop in his yard and puts up several of those obnoxious “please pick up after your dog” signs.

The following week hundreds of identical green poop bags, filled and neatly tied appear on 2s yard. It snowed poop bags in Florida!

Now the sprinkler wars have begun when either party has a gathering.

It’s amusing for now. I hope it doesn’t escalate.”

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It’s fun to watch drama when you’re not involved!

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