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They Got Petty Revenge On Their Awful Neighbors And Then Moved Away. Then A Chance Encounter Made Them Delightfully Aware The Neighbors Still Thought About Them.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

Well, well, well…

What do we have here….?

Nothing good, I’ll tell you that much!

Some people never forget bad neighbors. That’s the main point of this story from Reddit.

Check out what went down!

We live rent free in our neighbor’s head.

“About six months ago I shared my sweet revenge story enacted by me and my husband (BF at the time).

Long story short, our neighbors majorly sucked.

Invented their own rules for street parking in a public area despite being one of the few houses with a driveway — a driveway which comfortably fit all of their vehicles but they never used.

All was fine and dandy until we asked if they would mind sharing one spot that was directly in front of our home, a spot they claimed as theirs and would play musical cars with like an elaborate dance routine.

They agreed and then bought a beater Jeep to live there pretending as if someone else had claimed the spot.

Things escalated…

Our retaliation was a series of pranks starting with mailing them an anonymous package of dung as the “worst gift for the worst neighbors.”

It ended with our glorious takeover of said spot for a few months.

As life goes, we moved on to a larger city and now live more than four hours away.

We’ve had to go back a few times for various things and a quick drive by showed that they are back to their old ways harassing the neighbors with their entitlement.

To each their own I guess. We figured they’d have learned their lesson but ya know, not our problem anymore.

Well last weekend we had to go back to our old city and were out running errands.

Mind you this city has nearly a quarter million people living there.

Well, what do ya know?!?!

We pulled out from a small shopping plaza and not one minute later do we see their Mini pull up directly behind us.

My husband saw them through the rear view and shouted “OMG! Look who it is!”

It took me a second to realize what happened but lo and behold, of ALL the people to pull up behind our car at the stop light in this relatively large city, was them.

Dearest J&J, our old awful neighbors. And we were nowhere close to our old house.

They weren’t happy to see them.

We’ve been long gone for nearly three months and they still recognized us.

They pulled up super close to get a closer look. I could see them lean forward over the steering wheel, squint, and snarl.

It was them. They followed behind at a far distance until reaching their destination.

They may still be bad, entitled people, but it gave me a huge chuckle to see that we still live rent free in their heads.

They’ll always think (and they’d be right) we sent them that first package of manure but truly they’ll never know.

And that really brings me the pettiest of joy.”

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You never forget bad neighbors…

And they never forget you, either.

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