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‘They will hire anyone, I mean anyone.’ – Former Chili’s Employee Shared What Working There Is Really Like

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@bethsimps

Chili’s has been a staple of the American restaurant scene for years and years and you’ve no doubt sampled a Southwestern Egg Roll once or twice in your life.

But what’s it like to work at the restaurant chain?

A woman named Beth who used to work at a Chili’s location got real with viewers about what it was really like to work there.

Source: TikTok

Beth started by saying, “A ghost kitchen actually operates inside of Chili’s called It’s Just Wings. You can’t order anything from It’s Just Wings if you’re sitting in the Chili’s restaurant, but you can literally go to the parking lot and order it on DoorDash and pick it up from there.”

She also told viewers that her location was robbed frequently and that she and other workers were told to leave lights on when they left so people who were thinking about breaking in would believe that someone was in the restaurant overnight.

Source: TikTok

Beth said, “You also don’t get shift meals if you work there. The best they do for you is comp your meal 50% off. So even if you were working a double or training someone, you still have to pay 50% off the meal price if you wanted any food.”

She added, “They will hire anyone, I mean anyone. Just do with that information what you will.”

Source: TikTok

Let’s see what she had to say.


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And here’s what folks had to say on TikTok.

One viewer is on the fence about Chili’s…

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This individual said things have changed there.

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And this TikTokker has been there before and is NOT a fan.

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Well, that doesn’t sound too good…

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