June 23, 2024 at 10:44 am

‘I have never gone jeans shopping without crying.’ – Shopper Wonders Why Clothing Stores Love Making Customers Feel Unhappy With Their Bodies

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@kendahllandreth

For some reason jeans shopping is such a rough thing for a lot of women and girls.

So, why not shout about it if you have had a bad experience with retail?

I mean, if you come out of a store crying, everyone should know about how bad that place is and be angry in solidarity.

TikToker Kendahl Landreth (@kendahllandreth) had this experience when she went shopping for jeans recently.

Source: TikTok/@kendahllandreth

She told her followers in the viral post how she’d always had a tough time buying jeans since she was a kid.

She felt she was being judged by servers for some reason.

She said: “In my whole life, since I was 12, I have never gone jeans shopping without crying.”

Source: TikTok/@kendahllandreth

She said the staff made her feel like ‘You’re the biggest person who’s ever walked the earth.’

She told a really disturbing story about when she was a size 6 age 13 that she was literally made to feel fat.

That’s just disgusting isn’t it.

Source: TikTok/@kendahllandreth

She recalled how she was made to feel like staff were saying: ‘Pants for you? We don’t make pants for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Floats.’ Like, how is that okay?!

And now that she’s a size 14 to 16, she said the treatment was still poor and she felt servers wanted her to feel awful.

The TikToker said buying jeans and how bad it made her feel was the issue she talked most about to her therapist!

And she called out jeans companies and said someone had to be responsible for the way staff were making women feel.

If you have bad service do you think the store should be called out for it, or would you just shop some place else?

Watch the full clip here:


If you saw a woman sobbing in a strip mall parking lot today that was indeed me #jeans

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Here’s what people thought of the clip:

This is just awful! How is it okay to put people off shopping?

Source: TikTok/@kendahllandreth

Winning post!

Source: TikTok/@kendahllandreth

Sizing issues a real issue with women!

Source: TikTok/@kendahllandreth

It’s hard to believe anyone could be this terrible.

I mean…good thing they don’t work on commission.

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