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Her Stepmother Wanted To Replace Her Real Mom, But Even Therapy Couldn’t Change What Was In Her Heart

by Sarrah Murtaza

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How does someone expect to be a replacement for someone’s mother?

That’s impossible. Mothers are irreplaceable.

This girl got pissed because her stepmother wouldn’t back off.

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AITA for telling my stepmother she’s not second best/a consolation prize because she’s not in the running?

My dad and my stepmother got married when I was 9 and I’m 17 now. They have 3 kids together.

My mom died when I was 8 but my parents were already divorced and I think my dad was already dating my stepmother at that point.

Either that or he/they rushed the relationship because they assumed I would need a new mom because mine died.

It was a crazy time.

They dragged her to consultation..

My dad and stepmother decided we needed therapy together because she was struggling and wanted to communicate some stuff to the two of us that she had not before.

In therapy she started off talking about how she feels like she’s second best or a consolation prize with me. She feels like I see her as less than a parent, less than a mother, and it hurts.

The stepmother has a lot to add.

She talked about marrying my dad expecting we would be so close and how she believed a newly motherless child would need someone else to fill in.

But that the whole time we’ve known each other she feels like I do nothing but compare her to mom or dismiss her in favor of mom and leave her in second place a lot.

She clearly ran in a spot that wasn’t hers..

She said she wanted to be more important to me than that. She wanted to be mom in my eyes.

She didn’t want to feel like I would gladly toss her aside if my mom came back.

I’ll say now, in therapy she was called out for that. She was told it was cruel to toss that in my face when I’m old enough to be aware my mom is never coming back.

The therapist let the stepmother ramble on about this.

She spoke for several sessions about feeling second best/like the consolation prize and like I don’t care for her at all.

She brought up how I never hug her or how I correct anyone who mistakes her for my mom.

Another thing was the fact I have never said I love you to her, she noticed that and she said many times she waited and waited for me to say it but it never came.

She talked about how every mention of my mom hurts her down to her core because she can hear how much I love my mom.

And then she did the worst possible thing.

She admitted to hating my mom, to wanting to wave a magic wand and have me forget her so she’s not coming in second to her always.

There were lots more things said too.

This girl never wanted to give an answer..

I was asked to address what she said for several sessions.

But I knew it might come across as cruel if I did. So I refused to engage.

But my dad kept pressing me on the issue and the counselor was trying to reassure me that I would not be penalized for speaking up.

Until she finally did..

After a lot of pressing and then my stepmother got involved and told me to speak because we needed to work through this and she needed me to acknowledge her feelings and work on us coming together, I was honest.

I said she was never second best or a consolation prize because she was never in the running.

I never saw her as mom, I never considered her to be a possible new or second mom. I never ever looked at her in that way or wanted her to be that for me.

And that she was always competing against my dead mom for nothing.

She was fair but the parents didn’t like it.

My dad and stepmother were so angry after I said all this.

Two weeks later and it was mentioned in therapy but they’re still furious with me.


That must have been rough!

Let’s see how folks on reddit reacted to that.

This person thinks dad and stepmom are forcing this girl to accept the change too soon.

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This person knows this girl is right on her stance.

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This stepmother shared her own thoughts.

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This person suspects the therapist.

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This person is left perplexed.

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This girl has every right to reserve the place in her heart for her mother!

The comments justify it!

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