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Man Was Relentlessly Bullied As A Kid, But 20 Years Later He Proves That The Best Revenge Is Living Well

by Sarrah Murtaza

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Improving your lifestyle is one thing, but transforming from being a junkie to a settled man with a family is something entirely apart!

This man got his life together after he spent his youth trying to make ends meet.

The kid who used to bully him is another story.

Let’s check out his story!

20+ year revenge

I grew up in a white trash trump town where pasture parties were a big deal.

Basically a keg or two in a field on someone’s land, with a bunch of drugs.

His early years were a struggle..

During my junior year a few guys in their early 20s crashed one of the parties and were being creepy with the girls and aggressive with the guys.

It was 100% a high school party and they were definitely not wanted or invited.

I got asked to try and get them to leave and went with a couple friends to try and run them off.

It did not go well lol.

Trouble is right around the corner..

Ended with a classic bro off where we were all talking crap and bumping chests. Threatening each other.

Very cringy in retrospect.

And then things got heated up

Nothing came of it and I thought they were leaving.

10/15 minutes later, lights out. S****r punched.

The guy waited till I was alone and ran up on me and completely destroyed me with a punch I never saw coming.

Then he got on top of me and hit me many times until my friends ran over and stopped him.

He got his share of injuries..

I was surprisingly ok. But my teeth were pretty chipped up.

It’s not super noticeable, but I notice. And my jaw still doesn’t align 100% right.

Anyway. It’s been 23 years since then. I’m married. Beautiful wife. Baby. House. Car. Job. Live in a great neighborhood in Austin.

Everything’s wonderful.

Plot twist?

I’m filling up at a gas station one day. And the dude who sucker punched me walks down the sidewalk.

Homeless. A junkie. A complete loser.

I’m positive it’s him bc I’m friends with his sister on FB and had seen pics of him somewhat recently.

He has a very identifiable face tattoo.

An awkward interaction..

I call his name out. He looks at me. I smile.

My wife’s in the passenger seat of the car. Our nice new car. In our safe perfect neighborhood. With our daughter in the back.

‘How’s it going man? Been awhile.’

He did well..

He recognizes me. Looks at me like I’m an alien from another planet. A ghost from a different lifetime.

Says nothing.

I smile. A genuine warm smile.

‘See ya. Be well.’

Get into my car and drive home.

The best revenge is living well.

His revenge wasn’t to hit back those punches. Or maybe he did, just silently.

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Inspiring is it not?

It’s never too late to change for the better!

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