June 12, 2024 at 2:37 am

Mom Had Enough Of The Gross Catcalling By Her Neighbor’s Sons, And Gets Satisfaction When They Finally Get Punished By Their Parents

by Heide Lazaro

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Adolescent boys can be pretty naughty at times.

But even if it’s their nature to act disrespectfully, how much should we tolerate?

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AITA For notifying the neighbor boy’s parents about his cat calling?

I, 30F, am in a housing complex that has had a lot of new people recently move in.

The newest family lives close enough to easily see my front yard. Our houses are also in close proximity.

When this family first moved in, we had some great “welcome to the neighborhood” interaction.

Their kids, from teenage son down to roughly 5f, were respectful and considerate of my own children.

Suddenly, she noticed disturbing behavior from the neighbor’s sons.

3 nights ago, I was sitting in my yard, reading my kindle after my kids had gone to bed. Reading in the moonlight is soothing for my stressful days, and I needed to decompress.

The new neighbor’s sons opened their window, and waited until my husband had gone inside to begin catcalling, watching/staring, and explicitly propositioning me. (I’m positive these boys just hit puberty.)

This also included inviting me to their house to perform certain acts.

Outside of ignoring them, I namely laughed it off.

When she mentioned this to the parents, they were shocked.

Surprised at their behavior, I asked their dad the next time I saw him–a few days later– if they’d had a sleepover.

Their sons had never acted in such a manner before, so I figured it was a friend from their school.

Unfortunately, it was their son, who’s mother lost her MIND on him for such behavior.

I thought they’d have a chat with him about it, and move on. I could hear her screaming at him from my house when I left.

Did she do the right thing? This was her justification…

I feel terrible for how his parents reacted.

I turned him in so that my own sons wouldn’t get the idea to behave the same, as they could have EASILY heard these boys.

I also wanted to feel comfortable in my own yard without being stared and hollered at for hours.


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Kudos to both OP mom and neighbor mom.

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Yes to this!

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Looks like we’re getting a lot of NTAs.

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The neighbor mom is also getting a lot of commendations.

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Another affirmation that she did the right thing.

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Couldn’t have said it better than this.

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The boy needs to realize early on that bad actions lead to bad consequences.

Salute to both moms in the story for doing the right thing.

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