June 25, 2024 at 1:47 pm

This Mother Refuses To Remove Her Daughter’s Good Grades From The Fridge, And Now Her Jealous Stepdaughter Calls Her A Jerk

by Heide Lazaro

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels/Andy Barbour

Parents are always proud of their children’s accomplishments.

And they show it, sometimes, by giving big gifts or by simply posting their high grades on the refrigerator door.

But, what if someone in the family is jealous of these gestures? Would you stop displaying your child’s accomplishments because someone’s self-esteem is getting hurt?

Let’s find out what this mother did.

AITA for refusing to take down my daughter’s good grades form the fridge even though it hurts my stepdaughter’s self esteem

I am married to my husband for about a year now.

My husband has a daughter (Jenny) from his previous marriage that is 16.

My daughter is 14.

OP had no problem with Jenny staying with them.

Jenny is old enough that she stays and goes as she pleases from different parents home.

Last summer, she was here almost everyday, and during the school year, she would be at the home 3 times a week.

She is proud of her own daughter.

I have always put good grades on the fridge. I have done this since my daughter has been tiny.

She will still give me grades to put on the fridge, especially now that her classes are harder, and she is proud how well she did.

The most recent one was her chemistry exam. She struggled all year, and she got an A on it.

She has been very proud of it.

However, Jenny has a problem with it.

The issues is my stepdaughter hates this.

I have told her if she gets a good grade, if she wants, we can put it on the fridge.

Today, she ripped down the chemistry test from the fridge, and we got into an argument.

My husband and Jenny want her to stop displaying her daughter’s grades.

She wants me to stop putting tests on the fridge, since she never has one to put up.

I told her no. She is calling me a jerk.

My husband is also pissed at me, and wants me to stop.

We also had an argument, and I am not going to punish my own child just because she doesn’t get good grades.

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