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Office Worker’s Boss Took His Preferred Station And Kept Turning Off The Fan. He Eventually Fainted Due To Heat-Related Medical Condition.

by Heide Lazaro

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The worst kind of manager is the power trippers. They think that they’re always right and believe that employees should bow down to them no matter what they say.

So annoying, right?

But when their power tripping causes a medical emergency to one of their subordinates, how do you think will they handle it? Here’s a story about a toxic manager who doesn’t care about the health condition of OP.

I won’t let you cook me alive

I have a second-to-senior position in my department at work, so theoretically, I have my choice of station to go to when I come in, as long as my senior doesn’t want it.

My senior co-worker has a station she always goes to, and it’s understood that she likes the third station, and I like the seventh station.

Our stations are even denoted by personal items and magnets.

My station is preferred because I have medical issues with overheating, and the floor fan points at that location.

The new manager starts to steal his station.

My personal items at that station include a back up fan, in case the big one just isn’t enough.

Now, this fan is way quieter than the big fan (the new manager complains about the noise of the big one; I have poor hearing, and it doesn’t bug me).

Recently, the new manager has started stealing my station because the fan in it is quieter, when everyone knows there’s a preference.

Whatever, it’s the least awful thing she’s done, so it doesn’t matter much to me as long as I’m not there to need the station.

Where she crosses the line is stealing my station right at the start of my shift.

OP politely asks to get his station back, but the manager is being stubborn.

I ask her if I could have my station, since there are plenty of open stations.

She says, “No, you need to be able to work at any station.”

Knowing that I have an agreement with the office that I can always have the floor fan on if I need it, I start to get some ideas and question, “So, I can have my personal fan from my things first, right?”

She quickly gives me that awful manager-who-thinks-they’re-god face, “No, go to your station now and start typing, or I’ll write you up for not starting on time.”

When OP turns on the big fan, his manager turns it off.

I comply like the peaceful worker drone I am, and click on the big fan while going to the station right next to her.

At this point, I’m already sweating, but I’m close enough to the fan that I won’t pass out.

Just then she clicks the fan off.

I sluggishly click it back on.

He told her that the fan needs to stay on and that the office approves of this.

It goes off and on for a whole hour, but at this point, I’m seeing spots, so I give her a heads up, “The office says the fan stays on if I need it on.”

She goes to click it right back off, “I don’t care. This thing is too loud. I’m almost office staff anyways, and things will change around here soon.”

OP then faints due to the heat, and his manager is being questioned about the situation.

Within the next two hours, I’m unresponsive due to heat sickness.

At this point, I’ve been magically placed in a medical unit for a few hours.

I don’t know how I got here or who called, but my girlfriend brought my things from work, but all she got out of the managers was that I’m dismissed for a few days.

All I know right now is that the new manager has a paradigm report to worry about, and I hopefully get my spot for now on.

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