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Young Couple Had To Deal With A Nosy Neighbor, But When She Tried To Treat Them Like Children They Told Her To Get Lost

by Sarrah Murtaza

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Taking care of someone is one thing.

Being nosy and intrusive is a completely different thing.

This couple had to deal with an intrusive neighbor who thought she was looking after the young couple, but was merely interfering in their life.

Check out how the couple decided to shut her out.

AITA for asking my neighbor to leave me alone because she treats us like children?

I (23F) and my husband, also 23, just bought our first small house.

We’re both college educated and have good jobs we just have the misfortune of being baby-faced and I have a young voice.

We often get mistaken for younger than we are.

That was going to become a problem for them..

On the night of our third day one of our neighbors came over to introduce herself and bring a covered dish.

We both went to the door so we met “Gail” at the same time.

When we opened the door she was real nice, smiled, and then she said, “Hi, I’m your new neighbor, you know you really shouldn’t just open the door to a stranger without one of your parents with you. Are your parents home, I’d like to say hi and give them this welcome to the neighborhood gift.”

The conversation was pleasant until..

So we told her we are actually the adults and homeowners and we accepted her gift. She made a couple of annoying comments about us being so young looking.

Gail is probably in her late-30s/early-40s so she’s older but she’s not really that much older than us.

Since that night Gail comes over every few days offering to help do things.

It seems like the couple knows what they’re doing but Gail doesn’t.

I work from home so I’m the one usually dealing with this.

She does everything from offering to teach me how to cook, how to clean, how to decorate a home.

She offered to send her husband over to teach my husband how to use the lawn mower, the weed-wacker, how to do small car repairs. Things we know how to do.

She even went as far to ask if our parents had helped us purchase the house (they didn’t).

Because we just changed address some of our mail has had a slow time getting to us. And, unfortunately, one of our important bills didn’t get paid.

So the business sent us a bill with a great big red “PAST DUE” on the envelope.

Oh I guess Gail would have a problem with that more than the couple.

We also had a bunch of Amazon packages of home items delivered that day.

Gail took it upon herself to come over to offer more “friendly advice” and she collected our mail for us. And, she saw the past due bill.

I let her in, thanked her for collecting. Gail then lectured me on having a past due bill and deciding to order Amazon.

She gave me this big lecture on how we have to grow up and be grown ups and be responsible adults now that we own a house and we can’t keep acting like teenagers.

Our parents don’t even speak to us like this.

Gail is trying to become her parent but she’s not one…

I know she’s probably just trying to be helpful, she sees two young people and wants to give them some wisdom she’s learned but honestly she’s f*****g annoying.

This evening I asked her to stop coming over because she was honestly offending me by the way she was speaking to me and I’d appreciate it if she’d just leave us alone.

This was clearly not what Gail expected.

Gail got very offended and told me I should be grateful someone cared because when she was a young new wife and homeowner no one took an interest in her.

My husband told me I was too harsh and could have been nicer.

Was I an a*****e?

It was natural that they asked her to stop caring so much.

But let’s see if the Reddit community thinks that was the right way to go about.

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It seems Gail was only trying to be a nosy neighbor, not actually helpful.

Peace over anything right?

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