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Toxic Manager Tried To Get Them In Trouble For Taking A Week Off, But They Knew The Rules And Got An Apology For Their Mistreatment

by Matthew Gilligan

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Boy, some managers are simply CLUELESS, aren’t they?

You can say that again!

The person who wrote this story on Reddit put some higher-ups at their company in their places and it was GLORIOUS.

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How my boss gave me an extra week of holiday.

“A few years back I worked in a call centre for a well known car rental company. Management was what you would expect from such a place.

Micromanagement was everywhere, breaks timed to the minute, you get the gist. Well, you’d be surprised to learn that holidays were no different.

Sounds awful!

On a 60+ people floor, if two people were out on holidays, yours wouldn’t get approved. I had been doing this job for a couple of years so I knew that I had to keep track of my holiday balance as HR was famous for messing up your days.

Now that you know what I was dealing with, that particular year, I had managed to get all my holidays approved up until Christmas. Imagine my surprise when my Team Leader came up to me and told me I had a week left on my balance!

I asked her to check with HR because something was obviously wrong. The day after, I get an email from HR basically saying “NO! You’re wrong! HR is right! Btw, you’re on holiday next week.”


That’s when I stopped and thought “Why am I fighting this?” I said ok, took my week off and waited for the phone call. And then it came.

My TL announced that the time off given by mistake was due so I had to either give up a week of next year’s balance or it would be deduced from my pay as unpaid time off.

I laughed, said no chance, and laughed some more before hanging up.

Then I sent an email to an solicitor that confirmed my suspicions of their claims being completely illegal.

Next Monday, my TL comes to me before I can even get to my desk and tells me about a meeting she scheduled with me and HR to settle things.

Said ok, turned my computer on and forwarded my conversation with the solicitor to HR, my TL and our manager for good measure. Said email read something like “Do you really want that week back that bad?”

5 minutes later, TL comes back with a carnivorous grin and tells me to go to the manager’s office. I get there and find out that my manager was never made aware of the issue.

That worked out!

She gets her phone and calls the HR manager, basically tells him to sit on it and then begins to apologise to me. We laugh it off and I leave to start my day.

As soon as I get to my desk, I see my TL heading towards the manager’s office. She came back looking like a sad puppy.”

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Incompetent managers strike again!

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