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Two Casino Employees Got Fired For Unethical Reasons, So When The Company Told Them To Return Their Uniforms They Walked Out In Their Underwear In Protest

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash

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Need my uniform before you will give me my last check? No problem.

“This is a story from my mom and my grandmother. They gave me permission to post.

Quite a while ago both my mom and my grandmother worked for one of the local casinos.

At the time the casino had a 90-day trial and then you would get insurance.

During the course of them working there during the 90 day trial the Casino switched their policy to 18-month trial before getting insurance.


So they then proceeded to “find” reasons to fire all of their employees who are coming up on the 90 day so that they would not be grandfathered in.

My mom knew this was coming because she saw a person after a person who had gone hired a little bit before her get fired for ridiculous reasons.

So when she got called in the office the day after she had to go to the hospital for a severe allergic reaction.

She knew what was coming. (They marked it as a no call no show because she started having a severe allergic reaction on shift and her EpiPen didn’t work).

She walks into the office, she’s informed that due to her no-call no-show she is being let go effective immediately.

She asked for her final check.

Whatever you say!

They informed her that she would receive the check after she turned in her uniform.

My mother proceed to strip down to her underwear and bra, drop the uniform on the supervisors desk and demand her last check.

She stood there, in her underwear, for 40 minutes while they tried to convince her to turn the uniform in at a later day.

“Nope, you said I’d get my check when I turned in my uniform. There is my uniform. I want my check.”

Smell ya later!

Eventually they wrote out a check.

She then walked out, taking the LONG route through the casino, saying her goodbye to all the staff and regulars on her way out.

So, a couple days later when my Grandma had her shift she knew what to expect. Because she was coming up on that same time frame.

And my grandma proceeded to do the Exact. Same. Thing.

My grandma walked through the crowded casino in her underwear!”

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