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Unhinged Customer Kept Harassing Workers At A Call Center, So They Found Out Who She Was And Gave Her A Taste Of Her Own Medicine

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Pexels

Mess around and find out…

You’ve no doubt heard that saying before and it rings true again and again in Reddit stories!

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A customer abused our support staff, so I let her know that she wasn’t as anonymous as she thought she was.

“Several years ago, I worked the late shift as an online customer support agent for a women’s clothing company.

Sounds like a nightmare…

The other CSAs and I were constantly mistreated by bad customers, and our managers did absolutely nothing to support us. The company valued its customers so much that the rules for dealing with them were disgustingly lax.

This was REALLY bad.

For example, this one guy would call in obviously pleasuring himself, but we weren’t allowed to hang up on him because he never actually said he was.

We had a three-strike policy where a customer could say pretty much anything they wanted to three times before they were disconnected and banned. But we also had a “one day turnover” policy where if a customer was cut off for inappropriate behavior, the ban was reset the next day!

So someone could come in, tell you that you’re a ***** three times, get kicked off, and then come and do it again the next day. The entire time I worked there, I never saw a single person get permanently banned.

Not even the guy pleasuring himself.

I eventually ended up quitting specifically because a customer harassed me to the point of me crying, and my manager’s response was that I could have an unpaid 10-minute break now instead of my 15-minute break later. Yeah.

One of the worst customers was this woman we’ll call Kathy. This woman would enter our CSA chats around midnight, wasted (she admitted to this). She would ask questions like, “What jeans do you think go with this top?”

This is pretty sick…

While the CSA answered, Kathy would say things like, “Wow, this is taking so long. Imagine working a minimum wage job at midnight. Bet you want to **** yourself.”

Warning #1. The next time, it would get a little worse. “Wow, you’re such a loser. Have you ever thought about offing yourself? I would if I was you.”

Warning #2. The last time each night, it would be something like, “I hope you ***. You’re so sad. You should **** yourself.”

At that point, we’d let her know we could no longer help her, and we’d disconnect her. And then she’d pop back in chat within a few days and the whole thing would start over.

Good lord!

She always said the same kinds of things. She clearly knew she could say three separate terrible things to us. Our managers never helped or stepped in.

I once looked this woman up. I wanted to know who she was. To my surprise, I found out that she was a therapist! She had her own practice. I was baffled. What she did was a horrible, cruel, unkind thing… I couldn’t believe a therapist would do this.

I later quit working at the company. I waited a few weeks. And then I made a phone call… to Kathy’s practice. I spoke to Kathy. I told her I was seeking therapy. During our intake call, she asked me what kind of issues I was facing.

Here we go!

“Well,” I said, “I do this really weird, psychotic thing a few nights a week. I get really wasted, and I start a chat with minimum-wage customer support agents and I tell them multiple times that they should **** themselves. That’s so crazy, right?”

She made a tiny noise. A moment passed. The call disconnected.

My friends at the company said that she never messaged them again.”

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