June 21, 2024 at 7:36 pm

When A Whole Neighborhood Bands Together For A Friendly Gel Blaster War, One Woman Accuses A Homeowner Of Changing The Block For The Worse

by Laura Ornella

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When neighbors can get together — it’s usually a great thing. But what happens when a neighborhood’s hobby rubs one homeowner the wrong way?

Let’s read this Reddit post below and find out.

AITA For Starting A Neighborhood “War”?

A few months, my friends and I got interested in gel blasters. We all live in the same neighborhood and decided to have some battles in my front yard. We are all adults and thought it would be fun to do it on the weekends.

What in the world are gel blasters? I have some Googling to do.

We established some house rules, such as: We only do it during daylight. We don’t go on my neighbors property. Aim for the body only.

Ok, these actually look very fun.

We do everything we can to not disturb my neighbors on either side of my house as little as possible.

A few of my other neighbors have been seeing us do our little skirmishes and, surprisingly, they got interested.

They asked where we got our blasters. They tried our’s out, and they went back to their homes.

Next thing we knew, they had their own blasters. They asked if they can join in.

Um, okay, trendsetters! We love a block party battle.

We said yes. Then, more and more, neighbors joined in. To where the “wars” would be the span of two streets. Each street would their own team.

What started as a group of just six friends, now turned into a friendly battle of part of the neighborhood.

Now this is where I got called the *******. One neighbor thought we would destroy her property, even though, we told her we wouldn’t go near her house.

Yes, yes, there’s no surprise here — there’s always one Debbie Downer.

She made some accusations I turned the neighborhood into a “hooligan city.”

She tried getting the Homeowner’s Association (HOA) involved. Little did she know, at that time, the HOA was well aware and okay with what we’re doing, as long as we enforce our rules and don’t damage other’s homes who are not involved.

This HOA doesn’t sound so strict for once!

So, Reddit, AITA for starting a friendly battle between my neighbors?

Daytime gel blaster battles sound maybe a tad messy, but are probably pretty fun — right? Let’s see what Reddit has to say about the trend that’s taking over the block.

One Redditor wasn’t shy about their jealousy on the matter…

Source: Reddit/AITA

Another Redditor is begging for a location so she can move to their hood.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And another Redditor deems this poster NTA — but kinda TA — if you catch their drift.

Source: Reddit/AITA

You’ll never get everyone on the same page — even if 99.9% of the neighborhood is down for a blast battle.

So, it sounds like one wet blanket shouldn’t spoil this new neighborhood bonding event for others.

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