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Woman Who Doesn’t Drink Was Asked To Split All The Booze Spent On A Bachelorette Party, But She Refuses When She Gets A $470 Venmo Request

by Matthew Gilligan

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This sounds pretty ridiculous to me!

Expecting someone to chip in for a big, boozy night out when they don’t drink alcohol?

I don’t think so!

That’s what happened to the woman you’re going to hear from and she wants to know if she’s being unreasonable.

Read on and see what you think.

AITA for refusing to pay “my fair share” of drinks when I don’t drink?

“We had a bachelorette party in Vegas last weekend and hit up a steakhouse and drinks at a club.

The shows we visited were all on our own cards and so was the steakhouse but my friend put her card down for buying drinks and appetizers at the club. I don’t drink, I haven’t drank since college (I’m 32 now) and all my friends know this.

I had a custom mocktail which cost $20-25 and a sparkling water.

We agreed beforehand to split the bill but I took that to mean food (we had appetizers) and not that I would be required to pay for drinks.

The other girls did order 2 champagne bottles along with cocktails.

What’s this?

Then we got back home and I got a Venmo request for $470 which I was shocked by. I called my friend to ask what the breakdown was and they said it was split. I said it was quite a bit as I remembered we ordered 4 appetizers that were $30-40 each so my share of that shouldn’t be that high.

She got annoyed and told me we agreed to split the bill and I said I did but only for the appetizer. She said she didn’t take photos of the bill and now has no idea what anyone ordered so I should agree to pay my share. I said I didn’t drink so the only thing that’s my share is the mocktail.

She said everyone was pretty wasted so it was hard to determine who drank what and since I didn’t keep track I should just pay for it. By my calculations I owe about $60-70 but since I didn’t keep the receipts she is insisting I pay the whole $470.

That doesn’t sound right…

I’m very unhappy with the situation and told another friend about this. She acknowledged I owe way less than what I’m being told to pay but said out of the girls I clearly had the best job and 2 of the friends were living with their parents and working nearing min wage I should just pay and call it even.

I’m feeling like I got fleeced because my flights and hotels weren’t even as expensive as this one night out.”

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That doesn’t sound very fair to me…