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Worker Witnessed A Car Cut The Entire ATM Line, So He Found A Way To Make Sure Justice Was Served

by Abby Jamison

Source: Reddit/pettyrevenge/Pexels/RDNEStockproject

There’s nothing worse than someone cutting in line.

Luckily, this ATM maintenance worker found the perfect opportunity to serve some well-deserved justice when he witnessed line cutting.

Let’s see what happened…

You wanna cut people in lines? Ill close the lines.

This didn’t happen to me directly or personally but I was the one able to dish out the revenge.

I work for a company that builds and loans out atm machines to banks. I go around doing general maintenance and service to atm within my entire state.

I won’t lie, it kinda gives me a rush knowing i have the power to open and close atm lines but i make sure to only use it when i need it. This was a moment I used my powers for a little revenge.

Let’s get into the situation…

What had happened was I was at an atm building where it was just two atm lines in this location and the actual bank a few blocks down.

I had already showed up for the atm on the outer line. Think some one got money jammed and I had to reset it a few times cause its was being dumb.

As I was waiting for a reset to finish I notice a line was forming in the atm next to mine and looked back to the farthest person.

A lady was hanging back in her minivan because she wasn’t sure which atm would open first mine, the one still in service, or the other one, where a guy was taking a bit too long and another car was still behind him.

She kept a single cars length between her and the other atm just for this reason. Que rushing lady.

This lady swerved in and got between this lady. And I mean in tokyo drift fashion it was damn near impressive how she didn’t hit any cars in her small dark gray honda.

This was shocking to everyone…

She was also much older than the lady in the minivan. She was also wearing sunglasses on a very cloudy day, like a day you knew it was gunna rain that night.

Anyway the Minivan lady started honking at her being so impolite cause this lady took a spot in line.

Something about this lady didn’t sit right with me. It mainly her face which reminded me of an entitled karen that i got into an accident with a few years ago when i lived in a different state.

So since im working on the atm next to her i decided to get a little justice for this.

Normally my truck is enough to deter people from using my lane for the atm but i can traffic cones to help deter if people weren’t getting the idea.

I walked to the back of my truck enough to where the Old lady couldn’t see my face.

Here comes the petty revenge…

I gave the minivan lady a finger to the lips gesture as I pulled out both traffic cones and set them right in front of the Old Lady’s car before she even got close enough to the atm to use it.

She got all fussy and tried to bargain with me. I didn’t have any of it and told her i need to fix this one cause i was finished with the atm next door.

She gave up and backed out to leave. Once the coast was clear i put the cones back into my van and nodded at the minivan lady.

The Minivan lady thanked me and told me to say hi if I ever stopped by her target (I cant cause i was in a different county to her and it was about an hour away from home normally).

Let’s see what the comments thought about this one…

This commenter loved this detailed revenge.

Source: Reddit/pettyrevenge

Another Reddit user applauds the secrecy of the act.

Source: Reddit/pettyrevenge

Most of the comments loved this sweet justice!

Source: Reddit/pettyrevenge

Let’s hope some good karma comes back around for this sweet person!

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