July 5, 2024 at 5:22 am

A Husband Went Against His Wife’s Wishes And Let His Homeless Brother Stay With Them. The Brother Gave Everyone Lice And Now The Wife Is Forced To Decide Whether To Help Clean Up The Mess.

by Heather Hall

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

Some people are beyond help, even if they are family.

So, what happens when your spouse invites the family member into your home anyway, and they give everyone lice? Do you help or stay with your parents until things are sorted out?

In the following story, a woman who had just given birth found herself in this exact situation.

Let’s see how she handled it.

AITA for turning around and going back to my parents with my baby when I got home because my husband let his homeless brother move in, and everyone had lice.

I recently went to see my parents with my newborn.

It was just for the long weekend, so my husband stayed home with our three older children. 7/5/3.

My husband called me when I was out of town to let me know his brother needed a place to crash.

I said that he should give him a ride to a shelter or something because it was a bad idea to let his brother into our home.

He has stolen from us before.

When I got home there were five very itchy people in the house.

I immediately got back in my car and went to my parents house.

Karma always has a way of coming back around.

My husband was calling me the whole time because he needed help dealing with the lice.

I didn’t call him back until the baby was settled back in at my folk’s place.

I told him the pharmacy had the shampoo and comb for lice. He said he needed me to come home and take care of it.

I noped. I said that he let his brother in our home against my wishes.

His brother gave them all lice. I also reminded him that when our oldest got lice from kindergarten he didn’t help me at all.

I hate lice. They freak me out. I dealt with it because I had to.

This time it’s on him. He said that he would have to use up his sick days to take care of this.

I said that’s tough.

You should never expect someone to help with a problem you created.

He did it.

He took his brother to a shelter, he deloused himself and the kids, and then he spent three days cleaning all the bedding and the furniture.

He called me every day begging for help. I did not come home until his mother confirmed that everything was done.

He is very mad that I stuck him with all that by himself.

I know I should have helped but it was too much. I’m still not 100% from the baby. It was just too much.


Wow! The husband probably should’ve just listened to his wife in the first place.

If he had done so, things would’ve been much easier.

Let’s see how the fine folks over at Reddit weighed in on this situation.

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When you go against someone’s wishes, don’t expect their support went things go awry.

The husband got what he deserved.

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