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A Nasty School Principal Made Everyone’s Life Miserable, So One Teacher Decided To Put Her In Her Place

by Matthew Gilligan

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You’re about to read about a school principal who really knows how to take the fun out of…well…everything.

But the teacher who wrote this story knew how to put her in her place.

Check out what happened!

Boss demands a strict dress code.

“I’m a teacher, been teaching for close to 15 years.

The first school I taught at was horrible. I loved my students but the principal was horrible.

It should have been a red flag that I was hired after her first year at the school and she had like 30 plus spots to fill out of 110 staff. A ton of people jumped ship because of how bad she was.

This was a rough school.

Not going to lie, the school was tough. We had trouble with gangs, drugs, fights, pregnancies and it was just a school for 7th and 8th grade. There were some kids that were harder to reach because they were reacting to things the only way they knew.

We also had some amazingly awesome kids. I would have easily still be there today fourteen years later if it wasn’t for that principal.

I should also say that I am white woman. The school had 1,100 kids in it. Out of the 1,100, there were only 11 white kids. Out of the 110 staff, there were maybe 10 white staff members.

Most of the kids were Hispanic or African American. Majority of the staff were African American as well, including the principal. I was some of the kids’ first exposure to a white person.

This lady sounds pretty awful.

So the principal (who was a bully to students, staff and parents) systematically took away everything away that was positive from the kids and school. The kids had to be in uniforms but on Fridays they could wear jeans with their uniform shirt. She did away with that.

She took away pep rallies. She took away field day. She once told us to be quieter while cheering for our kids at a soccer game. The 8th graders would get a dance at the end of the year. She took that away.

A group of my girls wrote a letter asking her why did she take the dance away from everyone, even the kids who don’t get into trouble and follow the rules and why not just tell the kids who get into trouble that they can’t come.

They were too scared to ask her in person and too scared to give her the letter themselves. They asked me to give her the letter. When I tried, she refused to take it from me, saying “if they have something to say to me, they can give it to me themselves”

What a bummer!

One year, Halloween fell on a Friday. At the beginning of the month when we had our staff meeting, she made it very clear that we were not allowed to wear a costume of any kind. Throughout the month she sent multiple email reminding us that costumes were not allowed.

I show up that Friday in a dress that has giant flower print all over it (I don’t normally wear dresses). I’d gone to a hobby store and gotten two giant fake flowers and made them into earrings.

I also got a giant, red beehive wig….voila….Mrs. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus (I’m a science teacher).

She calls me into her office. This is pretty much our conversation.

Her: Ms X, we’re you at the faculty meeting in blah date? (She has the sign in sheet sitting in front of her so she knows I was there).

Me: Yes.

Her: Did you see my emails about no costumes?

Me: I did.

Her: Did you understand the emails where I said no costumes?

Me: I did.

Her: Why are you wearing a costume?

Me: I’m not. (I can tell by this point she is incredibly angry)

She gestures towards me.

Her: Then what is that?

Me: A dress… not a costume.

Her: What. Is. On. Your. Head?

I feign ignorance and touch my head.


Me: oh this? Are we not allowed to wear wigs? Are you going to tell the staff?!?

She herself was wearing a wig that day that I’d heard her brag about.

Oh she was MAD but couldn’t do a  thing. All she did was tell me to get out of her office.”

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That woman should NOT be involved with kids.

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