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Abusive Dad Yelled Orders At His Kid In Public, But They Quickly Made Him Regret His Demand By Smashing His Prized Vintage Car

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit

Some parents out there want to be unquestioned dictators.

It’s a weird power trip they’re on and you can’t help but smile and cheer when it blows up in their faces.

Check out what happened in this story from Reddit…we think you’ll love it!

Jump when you say ‘jump’? You got it, Dad.

“My dad’s a typical abusive narcissist, and we’re super low-contact since I’ve been an adult. My sis and I were terrified of him when we were kids.

When I was 17, I had to get to school early for a couple of weeks for debate club.

There weren’t any buses to take me, and the walk was too long, so my parents reluctantly let me drive to school for those limited meetings.

My parents’ garage was at the bottom of a very short, extremely steep driveway.

One Monday morning as I was backing up, the reverse beeper (installed by Dad as an alarm in case I ever tried to drive the car) alerted him that I was leaving.

I had borrowed his bus pass to get to my weekend job the previous day, and I had forgotten to leave it for him when I left.


This would cost him an extra $4 total to get to and from work that day (he had a 6 figure salary).

Anyhow, this was a great opportunity for him to scream at me in public, which he relished.

He literally jumped out of his shower and ran outside in a towel as I’m backing up the manual transmission mini-van.

When I saw him, I instinctually put it in neutral with my foot on the brake.

He screamed at me “Where’s my bus pass? Get out of the car NOW!”.

So…I just got out.

The car rolled quickly down the driveway, through the closed garage door, and smashed into his 1960’s Mustang.

The garage door and both cars were crunched together.


I thought he would literally **** me.

What actually happened was that the neighbors rushed to windows in response to the crash and saw him red-faced, in a towel, and seething at me.

Thanks, Mom!

It was one of two times my mom actually stood up for me. Just as he began to rage, she said, “You trained her to react immediately when you command her. You told her to get out NOW and she did, just like you demanded. Maybe you should have let her finish backing up, first.”

No consequences for me. I hope saving that $4 bus money was worth it, Dad.”

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Father knows best?

Maybe not all the time…

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