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An Intoxicated, Unruly Neighbor Told Him To Call The Cops. He Obliged And The Man Was Taken Away.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit

It sucks to have neighbors who cause issues in your neighborhood.

And I’m willing to bet that most folks out there have had to deal with that annoyance at one time or another.

The person who wrote this story on Reddit had enough of his troublemaking neighbors so he decided to do what he had to do.

Check out what happened!

Call the cops for you? Absolutely!

Several years ago we had some new neighbors move in (a man and a woman, renting) and they weren’t exactly salt-of-the earth folks.

These were NOT good neighbors.

There were obvious signs of drug and alcohol abuse, playing music so loud that our windows rattled in our house next door, mean dogs that escaped all the time, people over all the time, and parking in the road…you know the type.

We tried to be polite but steered clear of them when possible. It was a bad situation made worse only by the fact that the college kids that used to live there had moved out after years of neighborly bliss.

Their parents actually still owned the house and I had already made a couple of calls to them about the disturbances.

I guess it must’ve been about a year after they moved in when I was driving home from work and headed down our street in a direction where I was passing in front of their house.

It was almost dark out and this was a small residential street with light traffic and the speed limit was maybe 25 or 30. The Man Of The House was out in the street stumbling around, yelling, flailing his hands, blocking cars as they were trying to get by; obviously he was wasted.

Uh oh…

He kept screaming for somebody to call the cops. I managed to eek by him and park in my driveway.

I watched for about 15 minutes as he continued this little show. I wanted to watch for any evidence that he was in any sort of jeopardy other than being in the street.

So I looked at my wife and said, “You know what? He wants the cops…I’m going to oblige.”

I picked up the phone and dialed 911 and told them there was a man in the street blocking traffic and asking for someone to call the police.

He asked for it.

About 5 minutes later, the city’s finest roll up in 2 squad cars.

We went out and sat on our front porch and watched them try and get this dude into the back seat for 20 minutes and ultimately he was hogtied and thrown in on his stomach by the time they were done.

I guess he didn’t want the cops after all.

We never saw him again but a couple weeks later there was a new Man Of The House that had moved in.

We sold and moved a few months after that but never saw that first guy again so I have no idea what happened. I can only presume he had outstanding warrants and was locked up.

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