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An Old Woman Wanted To Sit At Their Table While They Were Dining Alone At A Restaurant, But They Said No

by Matthew Gilligan

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I don’t want to sound like a stick in the mud, but when I go out to eat by myself, it’s usually because I want to be alone and NOT TALK TO ANYONE for an hour or so.

And it sounds like that’s what this person was up to on the fateful day they wrote about on Reddit.

Did they act like a jerk?

Get the story below and see what you think about what they had to say.

AITA for declining a stranger to sit at my table in a restaurant?

“I go out quite regularly, usually once or twice a week. Always to the same two restaurants, and if not with my parents or friends on a special occasion, I’m alone.

Now, two weeks ago I visited that one restaurant, the waiter directed me to a table of four.

He knows my name and my usual order, and after a few minutes brings me the starters.

The restaurant got full to the brim shortly after i entered; all tables were occupied.

Who are you?

It was then, as I was eating my starters, that an older woman (around 80s, I’d say) came to my table, put down her bag on the chair opposite me (without saying anything), and turned around to the waiter.

She was a regular as well, started talking to him. The waiter could see the confusion on my face.

As she was facing him – and thus didn’t see my face, I was at her back – the waiter could see both her and me, and i shook my head once to signal him that I did not want some stranger sitting with me.


He saw that and told the woman that all tables are filled up right now, but in around 5-10 mins there should be an free table for her.

The woman then chuckled, saying that “It’s all fine” and “I can sit here”.

He pointed out that she can’t just sit down at some occupied table, which she dismissed, turning around to me and asking me with a smile if I had a problem with her sitting with to me.

Get lost!

I just looked her in the eyes with a neutral expression and flat out (but not so that others could hear me) said “Yes.”

She didn’t like that answer, got a bit angry (she didn’t make a scene though) and grabbed her bag to wait in the restaurants door.

Well, as the waiter “predicted”, after around 5 mins there was a free table and she got to sit down and order.

Now while most of my friends (and also my parents) say that I didn’t do anything wrong, and that it was weird she was actually just gonna sit down there, some of my friends said I’m an ******* cause I was sitting alone anyways, so why would it matter to me, it was just mean denying her a place.

Hear me out…

Yes, I sat at a table of four, but it was the waiter that gave me the table. There is one table of two in the restaurant, but it was occupied as well.

And even if she was a regular (i have seen her face before), i just don’t know her, it feels weird for me to eat or read a book while some stranger sits opposite me and watches me doing it.

Also, while I don’t know her personally, I do know she is quite a chatty one and most like would’ve talked to me without end. I go out (alone) to have some peace and quiet and enjoy some good meal…

But still – does declining that woman a place at my table make me an *******?”

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Sorry, all of these seats are taken…by me…

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