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Annoying Grandpa Bothered A Nanny About Ant-Infested Dishes In The Sink, So She Maliciously Complied And Got The Last Laugh

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit

Yikes…that’s all I could say after reading this story from Reddit…because it seems like this nanny has her work cut out for her with this family!

Read on and see how she handled a pretty annoying situation with this family of whackos.

You don’t want to see any dishes in the sink when you come back? Fine by me.

“Last summer, I worked as a nanny for a family that had a very…interesting living arrangement. The kids were a 6 year old, a 5 year old, and 3 year old triplets…and not well-behaved in the slightest.

Some backstory: The mother and father had just moved the family in with her parents, and I was under the impression that they were in the process of building a house on some nearby land.

The mother’s job was an hour and a half to two hours commute and she worked really long shifts, so I hardly saw her after she initially hired me, but she was my main source of contact through texting about caring for the kids, getting paid, things that the kids needed, things she needed me to do around the house (pertaining to the kids ONLY, this is important), etc.

There was a lot going on in this house!

The father worked and often went on jobs that were several hours away, too. The grandma was super sweet and I honestly loved her and felt bad that she had to put up with her monster of a husband. Grandma worked outside of the house, too.

And dear lord, there was the grandfather. This man was the nastiest, most ill-tempered, cruel, and narcissistic person I may have ever met.

Unfortunately (for me and the kids), he worked about half of his time from home, and would occasionally be around the house from 7am-noon-ish when I would otherwise be alone with the kids.

He would constantly embarrass the kids in front of me, particularly the oldest kid. He was ridiculously controlling and would impose weird rules on the kids, such as telling them that they had to sit in a certain chair without making any noise for a arbitrary period of time.

One of his favorite activities was forcing me into long, judgmental conversations in which he would ask me lots of questions and then try to make me look incompetent or stupid based on my answers.

Sounds like a bad environment for everyone.

I’m talking like, the stupidest, most irrelevant **** ever. Example convo, where grandfather will be G, and I will be me:

G: The lawn isn’t getting enough water and you keep letting the kids run around in the yard and they’re ruining it. You need to leave the yard alone and let the sprinklers do their job.

Me: Okay, I’ll keep the kids on the driveway. I know what you mean about the grass having a hard time in all this heat, my dad has been watering our yard every day, too.

G: Every day?! Didn’t you know we’re in the middle of a drought? Your father is breaking “insert law against watering your yard.”

Me: Um, we have a well.

So this jerk was the biggest pain in my ***, but I sucked it up and tried to just be overly polite and somewhat boring, because I was getting paid a lot to watch these kids and I didn’t work for him, but I was still in his house.

He would mostly bother me once or twice a day with some bull **** and I would just ignore it as best as I could.

So near the end of my time with them, the kitchen had become infested with those tiny black ants that get into everything.

The grandfather had a bunch of people out to fix the problem, but nothing was working, and no one in the house was trying to keep things sanitary or clean in the slightest.

I was at the sink, washing all of the kids’ dishes, like I always did. Anything the kids used, or I used to cook for them, was immediately washed, dried, and put away.

Everything else, I left for the other FOUR adults who lived in this house, and who created those dishes. There was tons of **** in there, plus the ants, and I was really just trying to hurry up and do something else with the kids.

Here we go again…

The grandfather comes in and makes a bee-line for me at the sink and we have the following exchange:

G: You need to make sure all of these dishes are done! I’m very busy today, and I don’t want to see anything in this sink when I come home!

Me: Okay, sure.

I’m completely over him at this point, so I finish up the kids dishes and get them out of the way. The sink was still full of disgusting dishes with food still on them, dirty pots and pans full of water and the remains of a meal, and ants. Lots of ants.

Yes, sir!

So I carefully forced each and every dirty, un-rinsed, ant-covered dish into the dishwasher. It was like Jenga in there, I mean, I put every single dish in that dishwasher, whether it fit or not.

Then, the kids really needed me for some Very Important Reason, and I just happened to forget to turn the dishwasher on before doing my actual job for the rest of the day.

I managed to get out of there before he got home from work that day, and never had a single request from him again.

I only wish I could have seen his face when he realized that his dishwasher was now also infested with ants.”

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Being a nanny ain’t easy!

Especially when you’re putting up with people like this…

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