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Annoying Neighbor Was Ignorant About The Property Line And Made His Life Miserable, So He Showed Her Just How Wrong She Was And Won

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance/Pexels/Dariusz Grosa

Some neighbor’s would make it their life mission to make things miserable for you and there’s nothing you can do about it!

Find out more about this annoying Susan!

Check the property line? okay.

Back when I was responsible for garden and grounds related issues for a housing developer.

‘Susan’ popped her head over her neighboring properties fence. (Susan was abrupt and rude, but not quite to ‘Karen’ level so ‘Susan’ it is.)

There were some dialogues exchanged…

‘Are you going to cut back all of these weeds growing over to my side of the fence?’

‘Yes I have to reclaim this public footpath and those same weeds are on Council (local authority) land but will also be causing me problems if I don’t deal with it. I’m actually here to do that now.’

‘Because its ‘your company’ land and I expect it to be cut all the way around (motions to all three sides of her white long garden fence). Look it’s all growing over into my garden and it’s not been dealt with since (your company) bought the land.

‘That’s actually why I’ve been hired full time, I’m not part of the development crew, I’m here to maintain areas and deal with issues like this. Today I can clear the ivy from your fence but that triangle of wilderness between yours, ours and the council will have to be next week sometime.’

‘You’ll be cutting down on the other side? (Motions to where I can’t see due to the triangle of wilderness)’

‘Actually no, that side is between you and the council. That school on the other side doesn’t open for another year so I suggest not waiting until then to contact them.

They had some questions!

‘Well What am I supposed to do?’

‘I’m happy to pull down the ivy for you this once and poison along the fence line, it’ll do you for now. (the company I work for is trying to improve relations) and as I’ve stated, I’ll take care of this one side indefinitely.

‘I need you to prove you aren’t responsible for that side too.’

He runs a fact check.

The next day I consult my drawing (map)of the grounds and property line. Turns out I was wrongly informed. My manager expressly forbids me from tackling anything remotely near her fence line.

‘Are you back to cut down this area?’

‘I’m glad you’re here ( shows drawing). This it the area in question and its all council property. The yellow line is where my responsibility ends.’

Susan was annoying with her choices…

Susan NEVER had anyone cut down the vegetation. Ivy, bramble and nettles absolutely ate her fences over the next 3 years and last time I checked they were replaced a meter inside the property line.

Demi Karen pushes her luck and ends up losing free maintenance along her fence line. She did once ask me to put ‘lots of poison’ on the offending weeds but all I could offer her was a normal spray that my company provides if she called.

She refused to respond.

I Said they might offer it for the same nominal price I would do a driveway for but she never called.

Yikes! Susan was never going to budge and that shows!

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Susan needs to get to work! Everyone in the comments seem to be mad at her responses.

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