July 9, 2024 at 8:34 pm

Auto Shop Customer Was Angry About Having Oil Put In His Car And Wanted It Removed, So Employees Do What He Says And It Ruins His Car

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit

I’d say that in most cases, if your mechanic advises you to do something, you should probably go ahead and do it.

But some people gotta learn the hard way!

Take a look at what the bonehead in this Reddit story did…get ready to cringe.

Customer didn’t want to spend $ on oil.

“This happened about 15+ years ago.

My father owned a successful auto body shop and we always had tons of customers. He made every customer feel appreciated and always did extra stuff that he might had seen out of place etc.

We had one guy who brought his car to us (early ’90s Buick if i remember). We had done something small on it and it was like a single day job or so.

Our shop manager at the time noticed his engine was making a slight knocking noise and checked the oil. It ended up needing 2 quarts to show up on the dip stick.

Anyway he added the oil and the knocking stopped and engine smoothed out. (I realize this is not a permanent fix but many people drive like this and have no idea of their engines condition). They added the oil to the bill, which they only charged $5 total.

He wasn’t cool with the service…

The guy was furious about the extra money and even after we explained to him that his engine was knocking, he demanded we take it off the bill and remove the oil. We removed it from the bill and just told him to keep the oil.

What an idiot!

He still was angry and demanded we remove the oil regardless. We drive it back into the shop, on a lift, remove the oil and showed him it was removed.

He tells us we are trying to nickel and dime him etc etc. He starts the car back up(engine proceeds to knock).

He pulls out the driveway and gives it more gas than it needs, gets half a mile down the road and the engine lets go.”

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That didn’t end well, now did it?

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