July 5, 2024 at 4:49 am

Childish Girlfriend Wants Him To Play With Her Plushies But He Refuses, So She Gets Angry And Claims He Doesn’t Care About Her

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/AITA/unsplash/Mandy Dolan

Having collections and obsessions is fun.

Until you start imposing them on others!

This guy didn’t want to play with his girlfriend’s plushies and that got them in a serious fight.

Let’s check out how things escalated.

AITA for not pretending my girlfriend’s plushies are real?

My (M/27) girlfriend (F/27) has lots of plushies (about 30).

Every morning, she arranges them on her bed, and every night they go from the bed to the couch, still neatly arranged.

She wanted a simple favor..

One morning she asked me to put the plushies on the bed and got upset when I didn’t arrange them properly.

I asked her what the big deal was since they’re gonna be back on the couch at night anyway, but she got upset because she “wants them to be comfortable”.

She’s a kid at heart..

Every now and then when we’re watching TV or something, she’ll ask me to hold a plushie because “they need attention”.

I’m fine with all this and used to do think it was cute but it’s gotten to a point where she wants me to talk to them.

She’ll pick up a plushie and pretend it’s talking to me, and expects me to play along.

I’m not into it and mostly just ignore this, but recently she got annoyed at me.

It can get too much for him at times..

She asked me why I don’t care about them or talk to them and I said “you understand they’re not real, right?”

And she got extremely upset and yelled at me for being mean and not taking her seriously.

Some things to note:

  • she’s very stable, has a good job and is a homeowner.
  • some of the plushies have sentimental value (she’s had them for decades) but some are just random ones she’s picked up from target or whatever

Am I the ***hole?

Is she too old to be wanting to play with plushies?

Let’s check out what commentators on Reddit think about this girl’s hobbies.

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Team plushie or team boyfriend?

We bet the plushies are cuter.

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