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Contractor Was Asked To Build A Beautiful Arch, But His Clients Wanted To Make Unnecessary Changes, So He Charged Them $12,000 For His Trouble

by Trisha Leigh

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I imagine that being a contractor building homes for specific people is one of the more frustrating roles a person can take on.

After all, we know folks are demanding, especially when they’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home.

This man built a beautiful arch, but was asked to change it to accommodate an RV.

Find out what happened when the guy’s wife wanted the original arch back instead.

You want a bigger arch? Sure!

So, this is a story my dad told me from when he was a contractor in California.

My dad built this house back in 1983, biggest & most extravagant house he ever built.

The driveway had a carport with a beautiful archway to drive into (about 10ft) that lead to the garage.

He got a call from the customer, and this is roughly how it went.

The guy had an RV he really wanted to get through that opening.

Customer: “I just bought an RV, I need the carport entrance raised another 16 inches to make room to park the RV in the garage.”

Dad: “Sure, bring the RV by and we can measure it.”

C: “I measured it already. I need the archway raised another 16 inches.”

D: “…are you sure? Let’s double check.”

C: “I checked three times already, trust me, just do it.”

The contractor figured why not, it’s not his money after all.

Eventually my dad just said sure, charged him $4000 for it, and made the change.

But the roofline was too low to go another 16in, so he just converted it to a rectangle shape with rounded corners.

3 weeks later, he got a call again.

Except the customer’s wife wasn’t a fan.

C: “Hey, uh…there’s a problem with the arch…”

D: “What’s up?”

C: “…its tall enough…but I didn’t measure the width…the RV is to big and my wife won’t shut up about how she preferred the arch…I need the arch back…

At least he was handsomely paid for his time.

D: “No problem…that will be $8000”

C: “8000?! But last month it was only 4000!”

D: “Yes, but I wasted all that material tearing the arch out, and I have to pay for the materials and my guys to go in & reinstall it.”

C: “…fine…just get it done before the weekend or I won’t hear the end of it.”

My dad deliberately spent 2wks on it. Netted $12000 extra on a house for no reason.

I’m sure this was frustrating, money or not.

Let’s hear Reddit’s take!

This story ticks all of the boxes.

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I see what you did there.

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Lines in the sand can be super helpful.

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It’s just good practice.

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Changes are hard on both sides.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

I’m guessing these types of things are par for the course.

It takes a special temperament to build houses for people.

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