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Greedy Resellers Keep Grabbing All The Deals At The Thrift Store, So She Grabbed Everything On The Rack In Her Size To Spite Them

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/AITA/pexels/cottonbro studio

It’s annoying when workers stand on our heads while we scroll through shops but it’s even more nerve wracking when other shoppers won’t leave you alone while you’re shopping!

Check out what happened at this thrift store!

AITA for taking all of the clothes in my size off the rack so resellers couldn’t grab everything before I looked?

Last week I had time and stopped into a thrift and they were just putting out stuff from their truck.

I am never so lucky to be there when that happens, the shops are always very picked over with just Old Navy or Target clothes whenever I can go, so I was happy I might find something.

She got on alert mode!

I started browsing normally and was finding some good stuff for once, then I saw a group of 3 women come in.

One had a little computer for scanning books, the other two had iPads or something, I assume to check resale prices?

She figured out what they wanted.

Either way they were clearly resellers and started grabbing stuff after checking labels.

I felt a sense of dread because I wouldn’t be fast enough to check, so I just swooped everything off the rack and into my cart in my size.

When the two got to me they started staring. I said “What?” and one was like “We’d like to be able to see what’s on the rack too.”

She made her stance clear.

I said that they could as soon as I was done.

She scoffed at me and said “That’s rude, we’d like a chance to shop these clothes too.”

I just ignored her and started looking at things one by one, taking my time, then putting them right back on the rack. The women were getting mad and snatching things basically out of my hand.

They started getting weird.

I held up a nice top and one of them tried grabbing it OUT of my hand and I said “Excuse you” and turned my back to her. They got all pi**y and one stomped away to get a worker.

The worker came over and asked what was going on. I said I was looking at the items from the rack, same as anyone else.

The worker was on her side.

They said I was “hoarding everything” so they couldn’t get a chance to look. The worker said that I wasn’t doing anything wrong, and then said to me “Thank you for putting everything back when you’re done.”

I finished what I was doing with the women breathing down my neck and took my clothes to go try on.

She just wanted to shop in peace.

One of them kept following me and asked me what the f**k my problem was, why I was being such a b***h, etc. I said “Sorry that you’re having a bad day, but it’s really not my problem.”


I just wanted the chance to be able to find NICE clothes for once. From my POV I didn’t do anything different than people who fill up their carts and go try on everything.

She can’t help but wonder…

Plus I didn’t even take all of the “good” clothes to begin with.

Why couldn’t the resellers just wait until this girl was done?

She got there first anyway!

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Better luck next time!

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