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He Lives With His Girlfriend And Pays The Mortgage Himself, But Now His Girlfriend Thinks He Should Pay For Even More

by Jayne Elliott

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When a boyfriend and girlfriend move in together, it’s important to set expectations such as who pays for what.

In today’s story, the boyfriend and girlfriend did that, but now, the girlfriend is unhappy with the agreed upon arrangement.

Let’s see what caused the conflict…

AITA for expecting GF to buy food she doesn’t like and calling her my roommate?

I own my own home, and seven months ago GF moved in.

We both agreed that it would be unfair for her to contribute to my mortgage, as I am gaining equity and she is not.

The agreement that we came up with is that I am responsible for all house expenses (mortgage, HOA dues, taxes, insurance, maintenance) and she is responsible for living expenses (electric, water, internet, streaming, groceries).

We had this all hashed out before she moved in.

Their monthly expenses are far from equal.

Now, obviously I’m paying a lot more. I pay $2000 a month, not including regular maintenance. She pays about $500 a month.

This is fine by me, as it is what we agreed to.

On to the actual conflict.

The girlfriend is the one who is upset.

GF has started getting annoyed about groceries. We keep a list on the fridge both can add to, and she goes shopping once every ten days or so.

She says that I put too many “luxury items” on the list, and it bothers her to buy expensive items she doesn’t like. The main offenders are oils (olive, coconut, peanut, avocado), vegan yogurt (am lactose intolerant) and cashews.

I admit that all of these things are expensive. However, I do not go through them very quickly.

The large oil containers last over a month each. One large container of yogurt lasts over a week. A large container of cashews lasts about three weeks. Only the yogurt needs to be bought frequently, and the large container is just over $5.

Furthermore, I do not eat the cheese or milk products she buys, some of which are more expensive (fancy ice cream bars and cheese dips) than what I like.

The girlfriend has a suggestion.

GF suggested I buy my own “luxury goods,” since she doesn’t benefit from them.

She eats the dishes I cook the oils with, so this isn’t necessarily true. Furthermore, this isn’t our agreement. She pays no rent, and she’d be paying a lot more than $500 a month in any other roommate situation.

When I pointed this out, she became frustrated, saying that’s irrelevant since we aren’t roommates.

He doesn’t agree with her argument.

I argued that, in addition to being BF & GF, we are also roommates, and some of our conflicts are those that most roommates face.

She hated this comparison and ended the discussion abruptly to leave for work, even though she had 20 minutes before she needed to leave.

Financial arguments can be so difficult.

Let’s see what the folks on Reddit had to say!

Some readers side with the girlfriend, thinking she’s probably actually paying much more than $500.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Perhaps she doesn’t want to admit she can’t afford the grocery bill.

Source: Reddit/AITA

However, other people think the girlfriend is being unreasonable.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This person thinks she expects too much.

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And this reader offered a potential solution to the problem.

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Yeah, this relationship doesn’t seem like it’s gonna last.

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