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Her 19-Year-Old Daughter Got Pregnant By A Total Loser, So Mom Refuses To Let Them Stay With Her Because She’s Done Raising Kids

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash/@olliss

It’s always upsetting to see a family member go down the wrong path with someone that you know isn’t any good for them.

So imagine how that feels when it’s your own daughter making what you think is a monumental mistake.

Yeah…not good…

That’s what this woman is dealing with and she’s tired of tip-toeing around the issue.

Is she being too harsh?

Read on and see what you think.

AITA for telling my pregnant 19 year old daughter she needs to move out ASAP?

“My daughter Rose 19 was always a smart girl. She did well in school, and got a full ride to a great school that is locally. She’s been living with me and going to school, and is doing well in school.

She’s not crazy about this new development…

She got this new boyfriend a few months ago, who I don’t like. I can smell the bull ****. He constantly lets her down but covers it up with a big smile and grand promises.

Despite my warnings, they’re still dating, and now she’s pregnant. I offered to pay for the abortion and take a few days off work to take her and help her recover. She said no. She’s going to marry her boyfriend and they’ll be one big happy family.

It gets worse…

He wants to move into my house, and she’ll drop out of school while he works to support them. He’s a bartender who doesn’t go to college. I laughed at this idea, which made her mad.

She told me that since he can’t move in I’ll need to step up and help with the baby more. Y’all, she has always been a very sensible child, I don’t know where this all has came from.

I flat out told her that if she thinks she’s grown enough to have and raise a child and get married then she needs to move out soon and manage being an adult with the child’s father.

Sorry, those are the rules!

I raised the one child I wanted. I do not want any more children living in my home. I told her I’d pay for diapers here and there and I’d still visit her, but this baby is 0% my responsibility.

If she chooses adoption, which I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t, I’d be willing to help her navigate that.

She won’t talk to me. My husband (her stepdad) is staying out of this but thinks I could help more. I told him he’s welcome to go over and babysit for her and that shut him up.


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