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Abusive Parents Made Fun Of Her Boyfriend, So She Told Them How They Ruined Her Childhood. Now They Want Her To Apologize For Being Mean, But She Refuses To Accept It.

by Sarrah Murtaza

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Some childhood scars last forever.

This girl couldn’t help but speak up for the past she had with her parents.

And they clearly didn’t like her honesty about it.

Let’s check out what went down at this family dinner.

AITA for saying to my mom at family dinner “well I wouldn’t stay with a man who hits my kids so I guess we have different priorities”

I’m low contact with my parents because growing up my dad was physically abusive and my mom was emotionally absent/neglectful.

They are in town visiting other family members and we all decided to have a family dinner to catch up.

Here’s some context..

For some background, my boyfriend will usually get me a nicer “main gift” for whatever holiday we’re celebrating along with one or two smaller side gifts.

The side gifts are usually something like a funny tshirt or a stuffed animal. Last year for my birthday, one of the smaller gifts my boyfriend got me was a sweatshirt from Costco.

She adored the sweatshirt..

It’s just a grey sweatshirt with Costco’s logo printed repeatedly all over it.

My boyfriend said he just saw it and thought I would like it and he was right. I really like it and I wear it all the time.

I wore the Costco sweatshirt to family dinner last night.

Someone at the table complimented it and I said “thanks, my boyfriend got it for me for my birthday.”

Her mom said mean things.

My mom scrunched up her nose and loudly said “he got you a sweater from Costco for your birthday?!”

I told her that wasn’t the only thing he got me for my birthday and she replied “oh good, I would never stay with a man who gave me a sweatshirt from Costco as a gift.”

She had a comeback.

I was pretty put off at that point so I said “well, I wouldn’t stay with a man who hits my kids, so I guess we have different priorities.”

My mom didn’t really respond at that point and I could tell my dad was pissed. They stayed pretty quiet throughout the rest of dinner.

They wanted her to apologize.

They don’t like it when I bring up the fact that they used to hit us kids in front of people outside of our immediate family.

My mom and dad were pretty angry at me when everyone else left though and told me there was no need to embarrass my mom at dinner.

She wasn’t going to do it.

They asked me to apologize and I won’t.

I’m second guessing though, am I the asshole?

Ouch! That must’ve stung for the parents to hear.

Let’s check out what folks the comment section think.

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This person knows its not the girl’s fault!

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Never support abusers. Especially if they’re parents.

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