July 7, 2024 at 5:13 am

Her Boyfriend Let His Female Best Friend Use Her Pajamas On A Trip, But When She Tells Her To Keep Them After The Trip She Gets Majorly Offended

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/AITA/pexels/KoolShooters

You know when they say don’t date someone who has a best friend of the opposite gender? Well they might be right!

Sometimes things can get pretty messy!

Let’s find out how this trip went down the hill because of a girl best friend!

AITA for not taking back pajamas my bf’s girl best friend wore?

The past weekend my bf and I joined his friends for a weekend getaway at a cabin (Airbnb).

There were five people in total (me, him, a male friend, his gf, and my bf’s girl best friend).

There were some internal conflicts in the group.

I’ve never liked his girl best friend because she gives pick me vibes and I think she either has a crush on my bf or she likes attention.

She doesn’t like me either. I remain very cordial to her.

She was dumb with packing.

When we arrived at the cabin, she told my bf that she hadn’t packed any pajamas and none of her clothes were appropriate since they’d get dirty.

She couldn’t wear the other girl’s clothes because they wouldn’t fit so she begged my bf to give me my pajamas since I always pack extra.


Without asking me he gave her my pajamas.

So I came out of the shower to find her wearing my pajamas and with the bottom basically shoved all way up her crack. She spent the entire weekend lounging in my pjs.

They got in a fight!

When the weekend was over she tried to give them back to me and I said that she could keep them.

She got mad at me and asked if I thought she was dirty or had cooties.

I said she could just keep them since it seemed she liked them a lot.

She called me a mean girl and said I was being rude.

Things got messy on the trip.

It ruined the mood since the other friend took her side while his girlfriend took mine and my bf had to take my side.

And now things are really awkward and I think I might be iced out by my bf’s friends.


Why couldn’t the best friend just keep the pajamas?! This girl clearly didn’t want them back!

Let’s find out what folks on Reddit think about this story.

This person wants the girl to breakup with the bf.

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This person doesn’t support what the guy did.

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This person doesn’t get why the bff was on the trip in the first place.

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This person knows the bff played her smart card.

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This person wants to know why the girl never packed any pjs!

Source: Reddit/AITA

You know what could’ve made the problem non-existent?

Packing pajamas!

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