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Her Boyfriend Told Her They Weren’t A Couple After A Year, So She Got The Ultimate Revenge And Now He’s Calling It Cheating

by Matthew Gilligan

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You might’ve been in this situation before

You spend a lot of time with someone, you think it’s “official,” and then they drop THE BOMB: they tell you you’re not really in a relationship.


The woman who wrote this story got that rude awakening and she decided to handle it her own way.

Take a look at what went down.

AITAH for sleeping with a guy after the man I thought was my BF said we were not a couple?

“We have been seeing each other for a year and everything looked and seemed like we are a couple.

He said he loved me and I him. He spends every weekend with me and we have planned our first trip together etc.

Last weekend he was in bed and I made him pancakes because his birthday was on Tuesday. He was very happy about it and joked that I was spoiling him. I said that I wanted to spoil my man.

And then he spoke…

He said I am not your man. With the same energy.

He didn’t seem awkward nor embarrassed just as calm with a smile on his stupid face. I didn’t take it seriously and said yeah I know you are not my man.

He was more serious now and said no really, I am not your boyfriend. I felt literally sick but I tried to be calm and I asked so what are we, he said I don’t know. Really great FWB? I didn’t say anything after that and he ate his pancakes in silence.

She was very upset by this.

Later he asked if we would do anything, I said that I was planning on cleaning and doing some paperwork.

He left after an hour.

I ran to the bathroom to be sick and I probably cried for solid 2 hours. I couldn’t keep anything in my stomach the rest of the day.

He texted that evening thanking me for the breakfast in bed and that he thought I was “amazing” but I didn’t answer so he called a few times.

I didn’t answer.

Around 10 pm he rang on my door. I just opened ajar and pretended I was sick with the flu and was going to bed.

He offered to stay the night in case I needed help during the night and I said no.

I didn’t answer him Sunday nor Monday and I didn’t wish him happy birthday on Tuesday either and I have just been keeping it short texts feigning sickness.

He never brought up what he said once.

Then yesterday he wrote that he missed me and that he hadn’t gone this long without talking to me since we met and that he was going mad.

He asked if we could at least have dinner. I said that I was very busy.

She let him have it.

He said don’t you miss me? I said that I was very tired because I was out all night with a guy last night so I just wanted to relax by myself this evening.

He stopped answering.

He showed up 15 minutes later asking me if I was lying.

I wasn’t.

I told him that we weren’t a couple so I was free to do whatever.

He said that I broke his heart and cheated on him and I am an *******. I waited for him to leave before started crying.

He is right, we have never had the “talk” actually and I never asked him what we were.

I just assumed because I loved him and I thought he did too. But now I know we aren’t together, why was he upset that I was with another man yesterday?

Was I the *******? Was it cheating?”

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He asked for it!

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