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Her Brother Is Upset That His Son Doesn’t See His Step-Mom As His Family, So He Told His Sister And Now He’s Mad At Her Too

by Abby Jamison

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Insecurity makes people say some crazy things.

In this case, a woman’s brother is upset that his son won’t acknowledge his step-mom as a part of his family. He didn’t like this and it lead to a spiral of events.

Let’s get into the full story…

AITA for telling my brother he’s wrong to blame his ex wife without any evidence simply because he doesn’t want to consider other possibilities?

My brother has a 7 year old son with his ex. They divorced 2 years ago and my brother is now remarried. My brother and his ex share custody of their son.

SIL has been in their lives for 18 months and living with them for 10 months. In March my nephew had to draw his family for school.

He drew his mom, his maternal grandparents, my brother and me, my husband and our daughter. He did not draw SIL.

This stirred some trouble…

My brother and SIL quizzed him on this and he said SIL isn’t his family so he didn’t draw her.

They told him that was wrong and SIL is his family, she’s his bonus mommy and he has two moms now and not just one.

My nephew told them no and he ran to his room crying. He didn’t change the drawing or add SIL to it.

My brother immediately blamed his ex for this. He decided there was no way my nephew could just not like SIL or not be close enough to her yet to count her, it had to be his ex.

This led to him starting a fight with her and filing for full custody but they never made it to court because his reasoning was weak.

It didn’t stop there…

My brother and SIL decided my nephew needed counseling and got him in after a month and after one or two sessions Mother’s Day came and went and there was another “incident” because my nephew didn’t call SIL on Mother’s Day or make her anything.

This was also nephew’s mom’s fault according to my brother.

Then last week my brother spoke to the counselor my nephew sees and she told him she didn’t believe his ex was involved in this.

He dismissed her opinion and came to vent to me. He basically shut out what the counselor said because he wants to believe his ex is to blame.

Now he’s turned on his sibling…

I told him he’s wrong to blame his ex without any proof and he should be open to other possibilities for why my nephew feels the way he does.

He told me I’m stupid and naive if I think it’s not his ex and he explained how amazing SIL is and how it can’t be her fault (I never claimed it was).

He asked what kind of sister I am when I side with his ex over him. AITA?

Let’s see what the comments think…

This person has sympathy for the child.

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Another Reddit user makes some important points.

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This person thinks the dad is completely in the wrong.

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Overall, most commenters agreed with OP!

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This dad should stop digging the hole deeper and actually listen to his son.

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