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Her Dad Was Always Offering To Do Favors, But Bringing Back The Wrong Thing. Now They’re Arguing About Whether Or Not It Really Is The Thought That Counts.

by Trisha Leigh

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Everyone likes a nice favor now and again, but in too many scenarios, they can turn into more trouble than they’re worth.

In this case, this woman’s father will do others in the house “favors” but he never gets them right.

When she got fed up with his lack of attention and called him out, things got a little bit ugly.

Let’s get all the details!

AITA for telling my dad it isn’t the thought that counts.

My dad has this habit of offering to get you something and then bringing back something else, or a different version of the same thing.

He won’t call and ask you what else you want if the item isn’t there, he will just assume you will be fine with whatever he gets.

She has several examples of what she means, and it does sound irritating.

A few weeks ago we went out shopping for groceries as my mum was away, she had put her favourite dip on the shopping list and wrote down exactly what brand it was.

Dad couldn’t seem to find the dip and so decided to grab a random green dip and hope for the best, when i pointed out that the dip mum wanted was on the shelf above he grabbed it and seemed shocked that he didn’t see it.

Things like this are a regular occurrence and we kinda expect to get something different whenever he offers to get us something.

He never reads the containers or bottles and just grabs stuff at random most of the time.

Him getting her the wrong flavor – and one she dislikes – was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Last night dad called me and asked me if I wanted anything from the liquor store as he was grabbing some wine.

I said “can you please get me (brand) in raspberry please” he brings home the pineapple flavour and only realises it’s wrong when I point it out.

Oh and he also got annoyed when I didn’t want to drink it as I dislike pineapple.

He tells me it’s the thought that counts even if he messed up.

That’s when I told him that it isn’t the thought that counts when you repeatedly get the wrong thing.

This started a mini argument where I had to explain to him that he needs to actually take the time and make sure he gets the right thing and call us if he can’t get it.

I seem to have hurt his feelings and he told me I was being ungrateful and rude.

Was she rude?

Let’s hear what Reddit has to say about it!

Dad is very confused about what “helping” really means.

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This person points out it’s actually a lack of thought.

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Where is his cookie?

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What’s good for the goose…

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They think she should just start turning him down.

Source: Reddit/AITA

I know he’s trying to be nice.

That said, getting it consistently wrong isn’t showing you care.

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