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Her Daughter Unexpectedly Became A Mother, But Her Grown Son Is Pitching A Fit About Her Giving Away “His” Room

by Trisha Leigh

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If there’s one thing that’s true about life, it’s that it changes all the time, and we often don’t see those changes coming.

We have to adapt if we want to thrive.

That said, sometimes our kids have as much trouble growing up as we have letting them go – a fact this mom found out the hard way when her son got upset about “his” room at home.

Find out the whole story below!

AITA for changing my grown son’s room into a room for my granddaughter?

I have 2 kids: Kathy (29F) and Michael (25M). Kathy lives with me , pays a portion of the bills and has no plans on moving out anytime soon.

We have our own business that we operate out of our home. It’s easier for her to live here and it’s great because I have help with the bills.

Whereas, Michael lives about an hour away for work and has his own apartment. For awhile, I kept Michael’s room as is.

He’s shared several times he has no plans of moving back home as his job is in the city he moved to.

Recently, her daughter unexpectedly inherited a child.

Kathy had a very close friend who has a 2 year old daughter, Zoey. Friend named Kathy her daughter’s godmother as well as guardian should she pass.

Unfortunately, that happened 6 months ago.

Kathy’s friend was a single mom, so Kathy was granted custody. At first, Zoey was sharing a room with Kathy as she had extreme separation anxiety.

However, she’s now ready for her own room. As our home is a 3 bedroom. We don’t have anywhere else to put her.

Her son, though, was upset about not having a room when he visited.

When I told Michael what we were doing, I said I’d get a pull out for the living room or I could get a daybed for my room when he visits overnight for holidays.

I know rooming with your mom isn’t fun, but I want to give him options.

He’s mad that I gave the room to Zoey. He says that was his room.

I said I understand but he doesn’t live with me. Kathy does and pays bills. She’s even paying more now because she feels she’s using more resources with Zoey living with us.

I’d feel different if Kathy and Zoey were moving out soon but they’re not. At this point, Kathy plans to adopt Zoey.

I want to help her. My mom helped me raise my kids, her mom helped her, it’s in our culture to have a multigenerational household.

She thinks he’s being unfair, since he only sleeps over 2-3 times a year.

Moving isn’t an option. I can make the space more private for Michael when he spends the night (a divider in the living room).

But as he usually only sleeps her 2 or 3 times a year, it just doesn’t feel practical.

I said if Michael ever needed to move home permanently, we’d make something work. And I’d also help him with his child if he was in this situation.

He says he doesn’t want kids. I said that’s fine but this is the situation at this moment.

He feels Kathy should move out. I said I’m not kicking her out just so he can have a room the few times he spends the night.


Is anyone going to be on this grown man’s side here?

Let’s find out!

The top comment says it’s her house and it should serve her needs.

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After all, her son doesn’t live there anymore.

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The entitlement is real.

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His lack of empathy for an orphaned little girl is definitely concerning.

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The bottom line is he has no need for the room anymore, and someone else does.

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I get that it’s hard to let go of a childhood room.

That said, this guy is being extremely selfish.

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