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Her Elderly Neighbor Kept Getting More And More Unhinged, So The Courts Put Her In Her Place

by Trisha Leigh

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Neighbors can be great things that add to the enjoyment of our shared and individual spaces.

They can also be the thing that makes us want to sell everything and go live like a nomad.

This woman’s elderly neighbor had always been more than a little out there.

Find out what happened after she assaulted someone in the neighborhood.

My 82 year old insane neighbor getting herself into criminal court.

So, I moved into this place a year ago and loved it, until I met my neighbor. I’ll skip the small things that I usually tell people to show what a horrible person she is, but I’ll give a little bit of what she’s done.

She used me to drive her places, and gave me stuff in return, and one time I said I couldn’t, and she went nuts, a week later my security camera catching her stealing a bucket she gave me and throwing it in the dumpster.

She also stole my mail, but I unfortunately was to stupid to tell the police in fear I was wrong.

She’s also incredibly nosy, and told me she looked in the dumpster to see how much someone’s shoes were.

Things escalated when some neighborhood repairs left a wooden path through her yard.

Backstory: Since a few old people live here and the sidewalks were getting uneven, the landlord the majority replaced, and yikes, right in front of my neighbors lawn.

The workers laid down wood that passed through her and my yard.

A week later a person who lives here is walking on the wood, because the grass was very wet and muddy.

My neighbor comes out screaming at her, calling her many names, and eventually, pushing her three times.

This person could only tell the police the truth.

Police came the next day to question people who saw, and I told the truth. (She also called the cop a b****)

So she has to go to court over this, and sure enough I went, so did the landlord.

Unfortunately for the neighbor, she didn’t seem to realize you can’t speak that way to a judge.

It’s all going well, until the judge suggests her take anger management.

Now I knew she wouldn’t be able to be respectful, and I was right, she begins to yell at the judge. “I don’t need anger management” she yells, angrily.

So this quickly shows the judge what kind of person she is. Eventually telling her she will have to go to senior court.

She once again yells saying that she’s not going, so the judge asks if she is sure, and she once again says yes.

So he told her she has criminal court and everyone left when it was done.

She now has 90 days to leave, and even worse, it’s a lease violation to have gone to criminal court (I think, or something similar).

She’s still here, she was hitting her walls a few days ago.

Some people really do get what they deserve.

Let’s find out what Reddit thinks!

The top comment has some sympathy for her.

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Other people definitely don’t.

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This person wants more tea.

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We have some questions.

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This woman really pushed the limits!

I guess that can even happen to old people.

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