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Her Ex And His New Girlfriend Tried To Ruin Her Reputation Online, So She Destroyed Their Status As Social Media Influencers

by Michael Levanduski

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Relationships end for all sorts of reasons. In the best of situations, each party simply moves on and has no hard feelings toward the other.

Unfortunately, that is rarely how things work out. When feelings are hurt, people often react poorly and lash out against the other in a variety of ways.

In this story, OP’s ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend decided to attach her through TikTok, but then got upset when she defended herself.

Check out this modern example of relationship problems and see if you think anyone handled themselves appropriately.

AITA for laughing at my boyfriends ex girlfriend when she begged me for help

I (25f) was in a relationship with “Jake”(24m) form 2017-2020.

It was a friendly break up because we both knew it wasn’t working out.

I’ve spoken to Jake twice since the break up literally the awkward “hi, how are you.” That’s it I don’t even live in the same town as Jake anymore

This breakup seemed like it was very civil, but things are about to take a turn.

Fast forward to January, I started getting hate on TikTok/Instagram and my business got bad reviews.

Now I know I don’t do anything on social media to get hate so I was confused.

One person was decent enough to ask me my side and I was like “what side?”.

Ahh, this explains it. The new girlfriend is starting all this drama.

Than she showed me the TikTok’s Jake and his new girlfriend “Becca”(20f) where making about me.

They were making it look like I was a crazy ex who wasn’t over him and I was bullying Becca.

Guys I didn’t even know Becca existed and when I tried to message Jake I found he blocked me.

This went on for two months. They’d make a random TikTok or talk bad about me on live.

It is bad enough to attack OP, but it is also hurting her finances. OP really can’t just let this go.

Becca is a micro influencer in my country so I would get hate to the point I even had to go private on social media which hurt me financially.

So, in March Becca made a post comparing us on looks and she didn’t get the reaction she wanted.

Honestly, I’m surprised OP waited this long to respond.

She try to say I sent people to body shame her to get me hate and boy did I get hate, so I said f*** it, and made a post with proof clearing my name.

It didn’t go viral, but enough people had seen it to “ruin” Jake and Becca’s TikTok careers.

I’ve had peace since and more customers since.

Of course. Now Becca is going to play the victim.

Well Becca reached out to me Wednesday (idk how she got my number) saying she relied on TikTok, especially gifts from lives, as income.

She basically wanted me to make a TikTok saying I spoke to her, she apologized, I forgive her and tell people to think of other’s mental health when spreading hate online.

I think this would be my exact reaction.

I literally busted out laughing like she didn’t apologize, nor was the reason behind the TikTok’s excusable.

Becca ended crying telling me i ruined her life than hung up.

I’ve gotten messages from I’m assuming Becca’s friends calling me an a**hole (and more) for laughing at someone having a mental health crisis clearly begging me for help.


This one is pretty obvious. OP is not the AH and if anything, she showed a lot of restraint in waiting so long to respond.

The ex and his new girlfriend, on the other hand, are major AH’s.

They only look worse by the fact that they acted like victims once their videos backfired on them.

I have zero sympathy for them at all.

Let’s see if other commentors feel the same way.

Yeah, I very much doubt that Becca was having any authentic mental health crisis. And even if she was, she brought it on herself.

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Sometimes karma is oh so sweet.

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Yeah. I’m all for supportive friends, but maybe they should have an honest conversation with Becca first.

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OP might actually have a legal case here. They did hurt her business financially.

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This is exactly right. Her ex and his new girlfriend are learning that there are consequences for their actions.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Surely these people didn’t think there would be no consequences for their actions.

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