July 4, 2024 at 9:42 pm

Her Family Planned A Big Family Trip, But Didn’t Invite Her Because They Wanted Her To Look After The Pets

by Ashley Ashbee

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Being left out is never fun.

It can be really painful and infuriating, especially if your own family is responsible.

Read this story to see how this person’s family planned a big family vacation, but didn’t invite her.

AITA for refusing to house sit while my entire family goes on a summer vacation

I (19F) am being forced to watch both my family dog and my aunt’s cat and house.

I just learned by accident from my aunt that my whole extended family is going to Vancouver Island for well over a week.

A huge group is going.

It’s my two sisters, cousins, aunt and uncle, parents and grandparents.

They have apparently been keeping it a secret from me.

OP sees what happened next as adding insult to injury.

They just assumed I wouldn’t mind staying behind, despite never asking me if I was even interested.

I feel left behind and disconnected from the rest of my family and don’t know if I should even agree to house-sit during the week.


Let’s see what people are saying.

A lot of people suggested she bill her family for this. I doubt it will work, but it’s good to seek respect.

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How did it not come up in conversation? Or maybe it did?

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Haha no I’d feel bad for the animals.

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Although my family knows I don’t like travelling, they would still ask!

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This comment made me sad. Poor kid.

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I’d housesit, myself, but maybe send them a grocery list.

What a rude family!

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