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Her Friend Keeps Skipping Out On Their Lunch Bill, So She Emailed Her A Payment Request. Now The Friend Is Avoiding Going To Lunch And Paying Anything.

by Ashley Ashbee

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Having lunch with a friend is really nice treat and unless you have another agreement, by default, you each pay for your own meal.

It may seem like basic manners, but not for everyone, like the person in this story.

Check out what she did to her friend.

AITA for refusing to go out with my friend again over half of a bill?

My friend and I are both teachers at the same community college and occasionally grab lunch together on break.

I like her but I’m feeling annoyed that she never picks up the tab when we go out.

She will order multiple courses with alcoholic drinks and not even pay for just herself.

She always runs to the bathroom or has to take a phone call once the bill arrives.

I let it slide the first few times but one time I told her it’s her turn to pay and she said she forgot her wallet.

We all have a limit and OP reached hers.

I paid then told her I enjoy her company but I cannot continue to do lunch with her if she won’t contribute to it.

She apologized and agreed next time it’s her turn.

Next time came and at the end of the meal she started texting frantically and told me there was an emergency at home with her dog and she needed to leave right at that moment.

Later I texted her to ask how her dog is (not well unfortunately) and sent a digital request for the price of half the meal (not in the same message but around the same time.)

This upset her and she let me know it’s insensitive of me to ask her for money while she is caring for her sick dog.

I apologized and left it alone but it’s been two weeks and she has not sent her half.

Just when you thought this person couldn’t get any more shameless…

Today she texted asking if I want to go out to lunch and I responded I could if she sent the previous payment request.

She ignored it and avoided me at lunch time.

I don’t want to throw away a friendship over a few euros but I’m feeling like her lunchtime sugar momma.

AITA for refusing to go out to lunch with her again until she sends me her half?

Here’s what people are saying.

“Lunchable sugar momma” made me laugh. It’s true!

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A total user. Calling her a “friend” is generous.

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Yes. It sounds like this person is a doormat in general. Don’t be prey!

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Haha I’d be afraid of her not paying the bill. I wouldn’t want the staff to get stiffed.

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Aaaaw shucks. Can I come?

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Eating alone is underrated.

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