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Her Homeless Ex-Husband Wants To Stay At Her Place For A While, But She Tells Him That He’ll Have To Stay Living In His Car

by Matthew Gilligan

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It’s heartbreaking, sad, and frustrating to have to deal with a family member who is a trainwreck and can’t seem to handle their life.

And most of us have at least one person like that in our life…

The woman who wrote this story on Reddit has been down a long, dark road with her ex-husband and she finally had to say enough is enough.

Is she wrong?

Read on and see what you think.

AITA for keeping my ex-husband homeless?

“I (51F) divorced my husband (47M) nearly two years ago.

I attempted to make him move out when I filed for divorce but he would not. The house was awarded solely to me in the divorce since it was purchased with my pre-marital separate property (assets), but he still refused to move.

She had to play hardball.

I ultimately had to evict him and have a Deputy come physically remove him from the property. He had found a marginal living situation but did not pay the rent for several months and so was evicted from there also.

Now he lives in his car, which he also uses to drive for rideshares, his only income.

She’s in a tough spot.

We have maintained contact because I am one of the only people in his life who will help him (helping people who are in great need is ingrained in my psyche), and he has asked me if I will allow him to stay in my guest room during the day so he has a place to sleep that is air conditioned (we live where it is already in the 90s and very humid).

He says he won’t move any of his things in and that he will both pay me and help me fix some things in the house that are broken (all of which he broke when he lived there).

It doesn’t sound like a good idea…

I could use both the money and the assistance, but he has proven unreliable multiple times in the past as far as paying and assisting.

Based on past experience, he will also eat all my food and keep the house at 65 degrees all day, which will drive my electricity bill sky high.

It’s a tempting offer but I just don’t want him back here again; he still thinks we can get back together so I suspect that is part of his motive also.

He knows me well enough to know exactly how terrible I feel about his current living situation and is capitalizing on that emotion to make me waffle on the subject.

I feel like I might be the ******* because I have the space and I know he needs a place where he can sleep without getting heat stroke.”

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You can only do so much for other people…

It’s sad, but true.

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