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Her Husband’s Best Friend Is Allergic To Nuts So He Wants To Keep Them Out Of The House. She Refuses Because She Loves Them And His Allergy Is Not Life-Threatening

by Michael Levanduski

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Dealing with allergies can be a hassle, and in some cases, they can be truly life-threatening.

It is a good idea to take reasonable precautions to keep anyone with serious allergies safe when they are around.

In this story, however, the husband wants to eliminate all nuts, legumes, and soy from the house in case a friend stops by.

The wife is not happy.

Let’s see how this plays out.

AITA for refusing to remove certain foods from my house because my husband’s friend is allergic?

My husband and I recently moved into the same city as his childhood best friend “Steve.”

Remember, nut allergies can be serious and even deadly.

Steve is allergic to all nuts, legumes and soy.

Because of this, my husband wants our house to have a rule that we’re not to have nuts in the house in case he comes over.

I can see where the conflict is going to occur.

I think this is a dumb rule and refuse to comply.

I did agree to keep my nut-based products in a separate container, but my husband thinks that this isn’t enough.

I’m allergic to wheat, and we still have it in the house.

I also think it’s unnecessary.

This part right here is important. If Steve doesn’t take these precautions in his day-to-day life, why should OP?

I don’t know the extent of Steve’s allergies, but I do not it’s not immediately life threatening, he doesn’t carry an EpiPen, and he also works in food service and frequently handles nuts.

Being in the same room isn’t going to hurt him.

As long as we don’t serve him food with nuts and watch for cross-contamination, we should be fine.

How much is OP’s husband willing to inconvenience her for his friend?

The foods that Steve is allergic to are a big part of my diet.

Also, this is where I live, not Steve, so I feel like I shouldn’t have to cater to the possibility that he might come over at some point in future.

But my husband is worried he’ll accidentally cause his friend to have an allergic reaction if we don’t keep the entire house free of allergens.


I have to admit, when I first read the title I was going to say she was the AH.

But after seeing that even Steve doesn’t keep away from them in his daily life, however, I changed my mind.

Let’s see what other Redditors have to say.

Yeah, it doesn’t seem like Steve’s allergy is life-threatening to me.

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It is good to hear from someone with a serious allergy.

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It sounds like Steve wouldn’t have a problem with the nuts being around.

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If there can’t be nuts, there can’t be wheat either.

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His wife should come first!

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Come on, your wife should come first!

And everyone is supposedly an adult here…

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