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Her Parents Decided To Get Back Together And Get Married Again, But She Refuses To Go To The Wedding Because They Made Her Teenage Years Miserable

by Matthew Gilligan

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I’ve had friends before whose parents got divorced and then got back together years later…and I can honestly say that they weren’t too thrilled about it.

That’s what’s going on in this story from Reddit!

Is this woman being too harsh on her folks?

Read on and see what you think.

AITA for refusing to go to my parents’ second wedding?

“I (23F) have been low contact with both of my parents for awhile.

The backstory is that they got divorced when I was 13, it was a drawn out drama and pretty awful time in my life.

It was rough on her.

To be fair, I know they tried not to drag me into it, but I still ended up having to live with the chaos on top of some otherwise rough teenage stuff and the whole thing permanently changed my feelings about both of them.

I do love them, but I can’t see them the same way as before and they can’t accept that, so it’s better if I focus on my own life.

Both of them dated other people but none of them stuck, although I got a half-brother out of it. Apparently last year they reconnected and started dating each other.

She got big news.

They didn’t tell me, which is fair, but they asked to talk to me together while I was visiting for my great-grandma’s birthday and announced that they were getting remarried. It was clear that they expected me to be thrilled and for this to fix things.

All I could think of is that they made my teenage years so hard just to turn around and “oops, we’re back together again, our bad”.

I congratulated them, but told them not to expect things to change much.

Ever since, my mom has been trying to involve me in wedding planning.

She wants me to be a bridesmaid.

I said no.

They asked me to give a speech.

I said no.

We have to talk…

At a certain point, I decided that I really don’t even want to go, so I told them last week.

They’re both very upset and really want me there because they want this to be about the family coming back together.

Other relatives have contacted me to talk about it with mixed opinions, but also lot of “be the bigger person” and “give it a chance”.

I just don’t want to go and be thinking about how all that turmoil was for nothing while everyone else is happy.

I don’t want them to interpret my attendance as consent to just pretend none of it happened.

But I know a lot of people would love to have their parents back together.


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I guess the second time is NOT the charm…

Maybe she’ll come around on their third marriage.

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